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Once again the MSM is going crazy with allegations of racism with regard to Trump’s cabinet picks.  Where was this supposed outrage when Obama put Eric Holder, the most racist Attorney General in modern times and others whose sole purpose was to racially divide the country.  Sessions and Bannon are not racists and there are no facts to contend otherwise.  Sessions was the U.S. Attorney in Alabama who forced school integration and as Attorney general of Alabama sought the death penalty for the leader of the KKK and got a $7 million judgement against the clan which basically destroyed it in Alabama.

Bannon is accused of being antisemitic even though he was Jewish, although he apparently doesn’t so identify anymore, and many of the principals at Breitbart are Jewish.  Also as any of you familiar with my rants know, I don’t understand how liberals continue to claim to be the party of the Jews.  Obama and Clinton spent their entire time in this wretched administration trying to undermine Israel and there is serious concern that Obama will try to further undermine Israel in the UN while Netenyahu has praised the election of Trump.

The amusing thing about all this to me is that thanks to Harry Reid’s nuclear option to boost Obama’s picks, the Republican Senate only needs 51 votes to confirm any Trump appointments other than to the Supreme Court.  There is no automatic filibuster unless you can muster 60 votes.  So Republicans can basically say kiss my ass to Dems with all their bogus outrage over Trumps picks after fawning over outrageous picks by Obama.


Let’s wrap up what happened in the election.  Basically, Hillary ran on her lack of a penis and supposed competence.  America didn’t buy it.  In fact a survey came out today indicating that in the rust belt they thought she cared more about bathrooms than jobs — which is entirely true.

You don’t win by going into coal country and telling honest hardworking Americans that you are going to put them out of work to persue a bogus global warming agenda, but don’t worry we’ll give you a few bucks for a few years while you become technology wizards or something.  Or by calling unlimited anytime, anywhere abortion up to the time the baby is out of the womb and breathing on its own “reproductive rights”.  As even some blacks have noted, Planned Parenthood started out as a eugenics movement to stop reproduction by undesirables like blacks in their view.  And present day abortion has eliminated a significant portion of a generation blacks.

With regard to her competence, no one can cite any accomplishments.  Or for that matter anything she stood for other than personal entitlement and self enrichment and identity politics.

Obama said she was the most qualified person to ever run for president, but you know he didn’t believe it since he had savaged her in 2008 as incompetent.  He also, like he did with Romney, said Trump had no foreign policy knowledge or experience and that alone should be disqualifying against Hillary who had vast failure after failure in foreign policy activities.  What I’ve always found extremely interesting is how a guy who had zero foreign or pretty much any other experience could with a straight face say this crap.

Remember both Romney and Trump are international successful business men.  Obama was a community organizer, read that as socialist, racist activist who was a first term senator who wasn’t very involved in the senate, when he ran and was elected by lying about bringing the country together when in fact his was the most divisive and racist administration in recent times.  I would have been much more likely to have listened to Barry O if he said don’t vote for Trump because like me he has no foreign policy experience and look at how bad I screwed things up.  Of course the problem with that would have been that Hillary was his right hand screwer-upper in that regard.

Trump won easily because he saw a nation where elites on both sides only cared about themselves and looked down on everyone else.  Bernie’s showing demonstrated that even the left got it and wanted to take the country back from the political and pundit class.  When it was shown that the Dems undermined his campaign to put up crooked Hillary as their candidate, it was all over but the crying.  They put up phony polls based on biased sampling to try to prop up the ultimate empty suit, crooked and crony capitalist Hillary.  Don’t get me wrong, Bernie would not have won because this country is not going to elect a declared socialist, but he might have made it more interesting than Hillary.

Oh and by the way, I’m sick and tired of everyone talking about Obama’s approval numbers are in the 50’s and that means he’s doing a good job.  Bullshit!  Two thirds of the country thinks we’re going in the wrong direction.  His favorability numbers are up because during a campaign where the two contenders were basically in a feces slinging contest, he looked above the fray.  He said his policies and his legacy was on the line in this election and how’d that go.  Enough said.


The big question post election is whether to pardon Hillary Clinton for her illegal and felonious activities with her basement email server.  I have mixed emotions but overall I think Obama should pardon her (and himself) for criminal violations related to the server.  After all as I just alluded to, Obama violated the law also when he sent to and received from Clinton classified info over her server.  Of course he lied about knowing about her server but uncovered emails show that like so much of what he says was a lie!

The reason I take this position is that Trump will have enough to do early on without the leftist MSM circus that would undoubtedly result from his administration investigating the email issue.  I do think they ought to put out a report detailing all the info on the server and all the violations found, including info on the Weiner server.

On the other hand Attorney General Sessions should appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the Clinton Foundation and let the chips fall where they may including putting Hill, Bill and Chill in jail if warranted and invalidating the slush fund as a charity — and in conjunction sending the Clintons a huge tax bill and penalties for all the income they derived from the bogus charity.  If Obama doesn’t pardon her, then I think the Special Counsel should also investigate the emails.  No one is above the law!  Appoint Kelly Ayote as Special Counsel.  She used to be Attorney General in New Hampshire and thanks to distancing herself from Trump is now unemployed.


Maybe we should decide national elections by who won the most territory.  Last I looked, Trump won about 80% of the area of the U.S.!

P.S.  Just saw that there are approximately 500 counties in the country and Hillary carried about I think it was 30 of them.  Wow she’s popular.  Basically what it shows is that outside NY, CA and MA and various big cities like Chicago, nobody voted for Hillary.  That’s the problem facing Dems going forward.


Just a few quick thoughts in addition to yesterday’s rant.  I feel it’s necessary because all the empty suits seem to start every discussion by saying Hillary won the popular vote.  Again maybe but it’s irrelevant because it wasn’t a popular vote contest.

For all my golfing buddies out there, a good way to think about this is to put it in terms of a match play golf match.  I shoot 80 and beat you one up even though you shot 75.  You’re not going to claim you won because you had the lower stroke total because that’s not the game we were playing.


There is a renewed interest in this topic since it appears Cruella may have won the popular vote although she got crushed in the electoral college.  This is a complete apples and oranges situation. She “may” have won the popular vote ( no way to really know since all the votes won’t be tallied, like absentee and provisional ballots in states where they couldn’t affect the outcome) but if she did she did it in an electoral college election.

As any of you who have followed my rantings know, I would like to abolish the electoral college and go to a nationwide popular vote for president since it’s the only nationwide office.  Now a lot of you may say, but Curmudge you were for Trump and he lost the popular vote.  Not true!  Remember my rant on the electoral college and how it disenfranchises millions and millions of voters.  There are undoubtedly millions of voters in New York and California and Texas and Maryland and Connecticut etc., who didn’t vote because they favored a candidate who had zero chance of winning their state, so they just stayed home.  I have no doubt that Trump would have crushed Clinton in a real national election.  Hell he is supposedly only a couple hundred thousand behind overall and he could easily have gotten them in NY and CA.  Instead he played the game on the table and crushed it.

Some have said that going to a popular vote would result in the candidates only campaigning in the big states, but I disagree, and in any event they only campaign now in a handful of swing states so what’s the difference.  I believe that every persons vote no matter where they live should count exactly the same in presidential elections and think it would cause candidates to campaign in more states. Say your a Republican and you’ve got Texas locked up why not make an effort in NY or DE or CA.  Every vote would count.  A vote in SD would count exactly same as a vote in FL, so make a stop in SD.

I’m sick of watching campaigning in a few minor states because they control the outcome. Let everyone’s vote count the same and then campaign to get every last one of them.  BTW, when the subject was brought up on the Five awhile back, Perino was almost apoplectic in opposition, which is enough for me to like the idea.  She like the rest of the pundit class would have a hard time trying to figure out how to talk nonstop about this state or that state or this possible path to win the electoral college versus another one when all that matters is total votes nationwide!

Next rant will be on pardons.  Enjoy the beautiful moon.


Cruella Deville is down for the count!  As I am writing this she still hasn’t made her concession speech and unlike a lot of folks, I don’t think she’s being a sore loser.  I seriously believe that she has hidden her very poor health from us to try to limp across the finish line and the loss put her in bed with a doctor attending to her.  No evidence for this, just my guess.

Now for some observations about this historic victory for our country.  Let’s hope Trump drains the swamp!  If there is a god, all the political elitist pundit class should find themselves unemployed next week.  Their all a bunch of empty irrelevant suits!  Ditto for the MSM and may all the Never Trump assholes get totally and appropriately ignored for the rest of their lives.

The pollsters should likewise all be fired or ignored.  They tried to sway the election by stacking their surveys to favor Clinton.

And let’s get term limits in place so we don’t have to deal with a permanent, entitled, elitist class again.

Lastly for this rant, please all you political and pundit and celebrity assholes who said you would leave the country if Trump was elected, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your irrelevant wayout.  Good riddance!  Of course your full of shit and won’t leave but here’s hoping!

Congratulations America for taking our country back!!!


Just a quick update on the latest schenanigans of the corrupt political class.  First, it was reported that Hillary also made six trips on the “Lolita Express” to Epstein’s sex slave island.

Additionally, Obama was asked in an interview if illegal aliens risked deportation if they illegally voted in this election, and Obama said no!  He would not be looking into voting by illegals!  WOW what a shocker!!

And then as you undoubtedly know, Comey inappropriately jumped back into the race by saying there was nothing in the 650,000 emails on the Weiner sever that would cause him to change his incompetent recommendation not to prosecute Hillary for her violation of national security and federal records act violations with her illegal email server — this as it was revealed that Hillary sent classified documents to her non-cleared housekeeper to print out and there were new classified emails on the Weiner server that the FBI hadn’t seen before.  Clearly Comey took a no doubt pressured dive for Hillary.

Of course, it should be no surprise given that he had previously admitted that she violated the above laws as well as committing perjury that further proof of the above would result in him continuing to turn a blind eye.  What’s truly amazing is that after taking more than a year to go through 33,000 emails he could reach a conclusion on 650,000 in a week with no interviews.  Wonder who pressured this absurd result.

Vote for Trump if you ever want to know the truth and prevent our country from being run by a corrupt criminal family!


I have watched on the Five for the past few days while Juan Williams has repeatedly lied about the FBI’s “reopening” of the Clinton email scandal and the other idiots on the show have failed to properly shut him down.  Juan claims that since they couldn’t read the emails on the Weiner laptop, they had no legal basis to reopen and the rest of the idiots said if you find something under another  investigation you can use it.  That’s not what happened!  When he FBI reviewed the metadata on the Weiner-Abein laptop they saw many emails to or from and or Clinton’s home brew server.  These would be obviously relevant to the investigation without reading them.  Will someone with a freaking brain please show up!


As I’ve previously noted, Hillary’s home brew server was undoubtedly hacked by several foreign adversaries.  Now its come out that that is a 99% certainty.  Is there any non special needs individual who seriously wants a president who is subject to blackmail by our enemies?  If so you’re an idiot!!