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Just a little info here.  Apparently 7 states with early voting are allowing people who voted early to go back and change their votes after announcement that FBI is reopening investigation into crooked Hillary’s email scam.  And a lot of people are doing it.  Maybe the Clinton crime family will finally pay for their sins.

By the way, according to sources inside the FBI, Comey was looking for any excuse to reopen because resignations from disgusted agents were piling up on his desk and threatened to permanently damage the Bureau and even his wife was giving him crap for tanking the investigation.  The original investigation was a complete sham because Loretta Lynch would not allow a rand jury to be impaneled which would have allowed the FBI to issue subpoenas to get all the devices etc., that they had to cut deals to get without it.

Obama, who was also guilty as you know from earlier rants, put the fix in from the get go.


My takeaway from last night’s debate is that Hillary is a programmed robot with no acquaintance with the truth or ethics or ideas.  She didn’t put forth any real ideas or programs and Chris Wallace let her off more times than not starting with the first question on sexual allegations against Trump and supposedly Bill Clinton.  However, he didn’t follow through with the Bill part.  He let her attack Trump but never had her answer for Bill.

The best point to emphasize my observation came toward the end when after Trump had earlier castigated her for the revelations on the tape I posted a link to earlier this week for inciting the violence at his functions.  Being programmed to spout her talking points, and acting like Rubio when Christie caught him in a do loop, she started castigating Trump for the violence at his functions!  Any actual non-programmed human would have said, whoa don’t want to go there but she did and got burned.  She is just pre-tested, meaningless talking point after another.  Seriously, can you name something she actually proposed other than abortion on demand anytime, anywhere for any or no reason up to the point when the fetus is out of the womb and breathing on its own.

That was a particularly interesting position for her to take after bemoaning the epidemic of toddler gun violence.  She got to the toddler epidemic by grossly misrepresenting the Heller decision which had nothing to do with toddlers.  It was the first Supreme Court decision that conclusively upheld your right to own a gun.  It’s amazing that Hillary could use a false narrative to feign concern over a few toddlers, and then go on to directly say it’s okay to kill them all a couple of minutes before they’re born.

I fault Trump for not pouncing on Hillary’s 33,000 deaths from gun violence.  He should have asked how many were gun toting toddlers and how many of them were the result of black on black violence in Chicago by criminals with already illegal firearms.

Most importantly, Hillary made clear that she will appoint Supreme Court justices that will follow a philosophy that the Constitution is a living document that means different things depending on whose in office or what’s popular at the moment.  Trump made clear that he will appoint justices that will interpret the Constitution as intended by the framers.  That alone should be enough for any rational/non-socialist individual (although I suspect that is redundant) to vote against Hillary.

I could detail a whole bunch of other bs spouted by Clinton last night.  Does anyone know what we’re going to grow the economy from the middle out and the bottom up means? Her only proposals appear to be a higher minimum wage and paid family leave.  How many jobs do you think those proposals will create.  The answer is a negative under even the most rudimentary understanding of economics.  Her other proposals were for another failed stimulus  — read that as an increased deficit — and more Solyndra’s.

On open borders, she tried to falsely claim she was talking about open borders for energy but the quote if read in full as she suggested you do makes clear she was talking about open borders for immigration.  If she is dreaming about open borders for energy, she would be in favor of Keystone pipeline, but she’s not.

She pivoted to complain that Russia hacked the emails as though we shouldn’t consider the information being disclosed.  Yes, I’m a liar and a criminal but you only know that because our emails were hacked, and no doubt my emails containing Top Secret information stored on a basement server.

She also tried to change the question on whether or not the Clinton Foundation was a pay to play scam with a totally false claim of the bonifides of its charitable works, including falsely stating that 90% of the funds it takes in go directly to charity.  That’s total bs as I’ve noted many times.  By their own filings, the real number is around 10% or less.

The last thing I want to address is the vapors on the left and somewhat on the right about Trump not pledging to honor the results of the election.  Instead he said let’s wait and see. First, the pledge would be meaningless and it was a stupid question that Wallace shouldn’t have asked.  Remember the Republican debates started out with a pledge to support the winning candidate.  Many are not honoring that pledge!

Additionally, democrats have and continue to claim Gore won and it was stolen and Gore conceded and then said he wasn’t conceding and took it all the way to the Supreme Court. But the bottom line is this, there will be no armed insurrection if Trump loses whether he concedes or not.  Life will go on as always only down a steep spiral to socialism.  It’s a lot like my Harvard annecdote on Supreme Court decisions.  Pundits will wave their arms and Nash their teeth and the rest of us will move on.



For all you people who heard like I did that early voting started today, that’s not exactly true.  I went over to Clayton Crossing today only to find out that early voting doesn’t start there until next Thursday.  According to a sign posted, there is a place in Smithfield that opened today.  One observation from today is that Hillary’s push for her supporters to vote early –and according to the tape released yesterday ostensibly often — is being successful. I was the only white person there when I showed up.


Here’s video of Clinton campaign bragging about inciting violence at Trump events, including the riots that resulted in the cancelling of a Trump rally in Chicago.

What’s also disturbing about this tape is that it makes it abundantly clear that the DNC, Hillary’s campaign and her various pacts are colluding against in violation of federal election laws.  Enjoy.


Let me finish up on what I started Friday.  First, one interesting thing that came out of the Wikileaks dump of  Hillary’s speeches is that she told one group that the anti-fracking groups are largely being funded by Russia.  Russia needs its natural gas resources because oil and gas are basically it’s economy.  Large new reserves elsewhere can only hurt Russia’s  already marginal economy.  The green groups have always denied this but Hillary, who was in a position to know, says it’s true.

Now let’s talk about Trump’s female accusers.  First, the woman who accused him of assaulting her on a plane 30 years ago is simply not believable.  I’ve flown a lot of miles and a good deal in first class.  As some have said, although I don’t believe it’s been covered in the MSM,  the armrests in first class can’t be pulled up as she said he did.  Also, have any of you been on a commercial flight — not the Lolita Express but a commercial flight — where a woman could be assaulted and no one would notice, including the flight attendants.  I don’t think so.

Then there’s the woman who claims Trump slid his hand up her dress and rubbed her vagina through her panties in the 90’s.  As I think his campaign manager said, it is preposterous to think Trump was solo trolling a Manhattan night club.  Moreover, the woman doesn’t know what month it was or the name of the club, just that there was a red velvet couch.   She didn’t even know who he was at the time.  And what woman would sit on a couch with others and then have a stranger sit down and start feeling up her vagina and not say anything.

The woman in California represented by Gloria Allred, a celebrity divorce and palimony attorney, was according to her cousin, singing Trump’s praises up until she asked him to make a stop at her restaurant while campaigning in California.  He didn’t and suddenly she remembered being accosted.

This is not to say that there aren’t women that he kissed or touched without asking permission first, there probably are given standard celebrity behavior back then, just that the timing makes all this look like the standard left wing playbook.   Keep your eye on the shiny object and don’t pay attention to the issues facing the country.  Never forget that Hillary can only win if the focus is on Trump being an unbalanced ogre.  When the focus is on issues and continuation of the political elitist ruling class, Hillary loses.


Just a quick observation, I’ll get back tomorrow to finishing up what I started on Friday.   However in thinking about all the comments out about Obamacare and what Hillary and the left really want is single payer — just one plan for the whole country.   Basically they want socialized medicine.  All you need to know about how well our government could handle single payer is this.  VA healthcare for veterans IS SINGLE PAYER!!  How’s that working out?


I wonder how many of the rank and file in the FBI know that Comey was part of the pay to play with the Clinton Foundation.

Now for today’s second subject, let’s talk about the dual standard continuing to be applied to allegations about sexual improprieties.  Michele, I never liked this country until it elected my husband, Obama weighed in taking shots at Trump and his fitness for office.  Shortly after, the White House put out a statement suggesting it wouldn’t help Trump’s standing with voters to respond to Michele.  So far Trump hasn’t responded but he didn’t need to as many outside the MSM have done it for him.  Several put up a video of Michele during the 2008 campaign against Hillary for the democratic nomination referring to Bill’s indiscretions and the need for the first family to be a role model of what a family should be and then said of Hillary, “If you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House.”  Now with Bill still hound dogging it around, even on the Lolita Express (more below on this subject) she says Hillary is the most qualified ever.  I’m calling bullshit, particularly when the Obamas have no problem championing various foul mouthed rap stars as role models.

More women from long ago are suddenly coming forward with allegations about Trump now and the timing makes them somewhat suspect.  I don’t know whose telling the truth but none of these women raised any complaint at the time.  True or not, let’s focus on real issues concerning what our next president will do in office for the country.  I doubt that Trump will behave badly in office, particularly given the bottom feeding standard set by Bill Clinton, but of course that’s only an acceptable standard for democrats.

A report surfaced that there is video of Bill raping young girls on Jeffrey ‘Lolita Express’ Epstein’s “sex slave island”, and the woman who was the girl that resulted in Epstein’s conviction said she saw Bill and can name names.  Let’s see that mentioned in the MSM.  Even Fox has totally wimped out on the whole issue of Bill’s involvement with Epstein.  I hope whoever has it manages to put it up online, blocking out whatever necessary to prevent them from being charged under child pornography laws, and you know they will try that tack — maybe they already have threatened such which is why the tape hasn’t appeared.  If the tape gets played, Hillary is toast and a former president should go to jail.  It would be priceless to see Obama try to justify a pardon for Bill for raping minors.

i know there’s going to be a part 3, but I forgot what it’s about at the moment so it will probably appear tomorrow.

P.S. There is apparently a video of Barry O during I think the 2008 campaign on his campaign jet, apparently sporting a boner in his pants and teasing the female reporters on board.  I’m sure we’ll never see that.


First, as I indicated many moons ago, there were a lot of prosecutors who would have happily taken the case against Hillary and her illegal servers.  Now a confidential source within DOJ/FBI has told Fox News that virtually every investigator and attorney who was involved in the Clinton investigation believed she should be indicted and the opposite result was a top down decision foisted on them, and from the sound of the comments, I get the impression that they didn’t know that Comey was going to whitewash the whole thing.

It is important to note that this isn’t some anonymous tip.  The individual was fully vetted by Fox but wished for his identity to be protected for career reasons.  No doubt Comey would find the balls to prosecute and persecute this individual because he’s not part of the in crowd that’s above the law.

The important thing is that this damning revelation has been totally ignored by the MSM.  That’s mainstream media but I’ll be using the abbreviation from now on because I’m tired of typing it.  There was no mention of it in the Washington Post!  If this story were the other way around you know it would be front page headlines.  But since the MSM has made no bones about their lack of objectivity, the lack of coverage is not surprising.  In fact, one of the media monitoring firms found that ABC, NBC, CBS et al spent, since Sunday I think, around 4 hrs talking about Trump’s comments on tape and follow up allegations and just 36 minutes on the damning information being released by Wikileaks.  Watch the shiny object!  Nothing to see over here.

I was going to deal with several other issues, but I’ll break it up into several parts because I know a lot of you have short attention spans.


Just watched 13 hours the movie that tells the story of Bengazhi.  If you haven’t seen it it is on Epix or I’m sure for rental.  Every American should be required to watch it.  If you do you will no doubt determine as I have that Brarrack and Clinton should be impeached.  They clearly let Americans die and lied about it to protect Obama’s reelection. And then they put up the false narrative of the video.

Anyone who sees the movie and votes for Clinton is truly deplorable.  She will do anything and allow anyone to die to achieve her ultimate goal of being the first female president.  Who in their right mind would serve in a military with Hillary as commander-in-chief.