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I didn’t think I’d need to address this, but it came to my attention over the weekend that a person in this neighborhood has said he won’t vote for Trump because he doesn’t trust him with the nuke codes.  This is a person who I considered to be quite bright on most things, so this really surprised me.

Folks, Clinton is well known as an established dyed in the wool hawk.  She is much more likely to get us in a war than Trump.  She caused the mess in Libya and then let four Americans die and lied about it to cover her ass.  Under Hillary we will no doubt end up in a ground war in the Middle East.  And if the idiot in chief gets his way, he wants to establish official US policy as we will NEVER use nukes first — only in retaliation if someone with nukes launches them at us first.  An exceedingly stupid position that will undoubtedly lead to major armed conflicts around the world.

China, Russia and North Korea have huge standing armies that they won’t hesitate to use to control their neighbors if they know we’re never going to use nuclear weapons.

On the other  hand, I like the fact that some people think Trump is crazy.  He’s not but I like the fact that he scares some foreign nations.  It’s about time we stop being the world’s patsy under this feckless president.  And lest you forget, Reagan was also considered to be crazy and unable to be in charge of the nuke codes.  In fact, for those of you old enough to remember, at one point during the race, Reagan said he would use nukes against I think Poland.  At any rate during one of the debates Carter brought up the statement and Reagan gave him one of his “there you go agains” and denied making such an absurd statement.  The next week Carter’s camp put out a tv add showing Reagan deny making such a statement in the debate followed by the video of Reagan making the statement during a speech.  So I don’t think Trump will be any crazier than Reagan.


All you need to know about the TPP is that it’s over 5000 pages long, which means no one knows what’s in it.  Remember Obamacare was only 2000 pages and no one still knows all the hidden time bombs in that disaster!  Also Hillary called it the gold standard in trade deals, and you know she is the queen of globalization.  Yeah, she says she’s against it now because Bernie pushed her so hard on it, but I guarantee you that if she’s elected she’ll put a bandaid on it and declare it once again the gold standard.  There are few people more integrated into globalism than the Clintons and their slush fund pay to play foundation.

Here is the real problem with the TPP.  It sets up an international group that can make binding rules for the US economy even, according to senator Sessions, including on immigration.  These dictates would supersede US laws and court decisions.  It is precisely the same bullshit that led to Brexit.  We need to reassert our sovereignty and only Trump will do it.


Just a quick note.  Obama has shown his true colors in dealing with the flooding in Louisiana.  He’s not running anymore for office so screw the proletariat, let them eat cake I’m golfing.  He has never given a damn about anyone but himself.  See previous rant on Kate Steinle.

And I apologize for not posting more recently but for the most part everything going on just confirms what I have said previously and I didn’t want to waste your time saying I told you so, but I told you so!  See all my rants on Clinton slush fund, Clinton emails, world leaders unrest with a potential president who would put America first and expect others to pay their own way,  and Trump finally pointing out that Democrats are the ones holding blacks down as a permanent underclass for votes.


Quickie.  Did you see where Kamau Bell, a black activist comedian tried to start an online stampede to get Michael Phelps to not carry the US flag in the opening ceremonies for the Olympics and give that honor to our female Muslim fencer.  He is best known for finding pretty much everything racist.

Yeah let’s get behind that.  The most decorated Olympian of all time should give the honor of carrying our flag to a first time Olympian because she wears a Muslim head scarf under her fencing mask.  This is the ultimate in identity politics.


Another  quickie, but while watching the Five today, once again Dana Perino and others don’t seem to understand the constitution.  People,  no one outside this country has any right to immigrate to this country –NO ONE!  We could block all immigration or block all Jews or Muslims or Asians and it would be constutional.  The Bill of Rights applies to US citizens and those legally in the country.  Outsiders have NO rights period — end of this ridiculous debate.


Just another quickie, but did you see that a self proclaimed group of radical feminists, the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) has filed a federal lawsuit against DOJ and the Department of reEducation alleging that it’s transgender bathroom and locker room rules violate civil rights laws by re-defining the meaning of “sex” to include whatever gender you identify as.  They also allege on behalf of the two women they are representing that the new requirements put their clients at risk of physical and emotional harm by having to undress in locker rooms with naked males.

It will be interesting to see how the mainstream media will cover this.  They were positively apoplectic about HB2 calling the Republicans who passed it homophobic and bigoted.  How will they react to this development.  They probably won’t cover it because it doesn’t fit their preferred narrative.  Hypocrites!


Just another quickie here on this nonsense of political correctness and micro-aggression.   There is no such thing and for support of this proposition I’m citing no less a light than Obama.  He made that pronouncement in a speech a couple of days ago, and if the divider-in-chief calls this nonsense then I think it’s case closed.  Really, does anyone with a brain seriously think you own whatever you call your “culture “.  The history of progress in the world is a history of cross pollination of cultures.

If you want to put ketchup on your egg roll, knock yourself out.  If I can’t wear a sombrero, then you can’t wear Levi’s or use your cell phone or computer.  Get real, every culture incorporates elements from other cultures and only a racial or ethnic provocateur would maintain otherwise.  When the leader of the grievance industry calls BS, it’s time to put this baby to sleep once and for all.