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Just a couple of things worth your time in viewing.  The first is a video of Obama speaking in Germany in 2014 telling the truth about his views of us and his desire as I’ve indicated previously to set up a worldwide socialist government.  It’s only 19 seconds.

The second is an article by Dinesh D’Souza explaining the dark history of the Democratic party.  A history of promoting slavery, setting up the KKK and Jim Crow laws.  That party takes credit for the civil rights legislation, when the truth is that more Democrats opposed it and it wouldn’t have passed without significant Republican support.  Things all got ass backwards because the narrative now is that the South was evil and now Republicans are strong there.  However, when all the bad stuff was going on, the South was controlled by the Democrats.  It’s not long and it will be quite educational as well.

He also has out a movie about this which opened last week called Hillary’s America:  The secret History of the Democratic Party.

And one last thing I couldn’t pass up.  Isn’t interesting that when Trump suggested that Russia post Hillary’s 30,000 deleted emails, her campaign came out and said that was treasonous to suggest a foreign power hack our state secrets.  Remember folks, these are emails that Hillary said she deleted because they were entirely personal stuff — like plans for Chelsea’s wedding and yoga moves and the like.  That can’t treasonous!  Or did she delete state secrets and pay to play Clinton Foundation stuff?  Can’t have it both ways Crooked Hillary!

And to reiterate a point I have previously made, in all likelihood Russia, China, Iran and others already have all those emails and the one thing we don’t need is a president who will be subject to blackmail by our enemies.


Just was watching Special Report and George Will continued his nonsensical support of Hillary.  He needs to get back on his meds!  He made the incredible statement that it was determined that Hillary violated regulations but not laws.  BULLSHIT!!!  As indicated in my last rant she violated several statutes, including the one involving perjury.   George get your shit together because everyone is laughing behind your self important back.  I’m starting to question why I ever thought you had a brain.  He is just another self important empty suit.

I am going to be starting a series of rants on how this country lost its way, dealing with multiculturalism vs assimilation and the nonsense of cultural appropriation, micro aggressions etc.  it will undoubtedly take up a lot of space and so I will try to keep it broken up into short posts so it won’t be to overwhelming.


I thought that now all the bloviating politicians and pundits have finished talking at cross purposes, I would do a wrap up rant on the email scandal.

Hillary should be in jail and Comey should be fired.  Comey laid out an ironclad case for misuse and mishandling of classified information and then decided that he was not only the investigator but also the prosecutor and declared no reasonable prosecutor would take the case and therefore he recommended against an indictment.  It is not his job to determine what to prosecute and what not to prosecute.  His job is to find the evidence and then let the people paid to prosecute cases decide if they want to do so.  He clearly took the fall to prevent Lynch from having to make a decision after her tete-a-tete will Bill Clinton — which a commenter on this blog noted couldn’t have occurred by happenstance.  In fact, it was reported early on that Bill delayed his scheduled departure by 30 minutes so that he would still be on the tarmac when Lynch got there.  Not a chance meeting but a planned meeting.

Let’s look at the facts.  The applicable standard is gross negligence, and anyone who has been following the story knows that the legal definition of gross negligence is extreme carelessness — exactly what Comey said Hillary was guilty of.  Thus, there is no question she committed multiple felonies under the applicable statute.  And I GUARANTEE you that an awful lot of prosecutors would take that case in a heartbeat.

But Comey then went on to declare that Hillary didn’t intend to violate the law and so all is well in Hillaryland. [I suggest if you get picked up on a DUI charge that you tell the judge that you didn’t intend to drive drunk and see how far that gets you.]  However, let’s take a serious look at that conclusion.  The illegal private servers didn’t just magically fall from the sky and she stumbled across them and was forced to use them. Folks, she set out from the get go to hide her actions as Secretary of State from us, no doubt to keep us from seeing just how bad a job she was doing and keep her presidential aspirations alive, but more importantly to keep the pay for play between her influence peddling and the Clinton Foundation (slush fund) from public scrutiny.

[By the way, if you read my earlier rants on the slush fund I indicated that only about 8% of the money given to the foundation went to charity.  It was reported this week that according to the foundation’s own filings the number is 10%.  I suppose with the democratic and Clinton spin machine working the story will be that the foundation has increased its charitable activities by 25%.  This scam charity should be called out as just that and contributions to it should not be tax deductible and all the rest of the money used for private jet travel etc. should be treated as taxable income to the Clintons.]

Back to the subject at hand, so intent on Hillary’s part is evident as I indicated some time ago, one of the emails involved Hillary telling a staffer to take off the classified markings on a document and then send it to her unsecured server.  Intent couldn’t be clearer.

Additionally, she violated the Federal Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act intentionally.  She removed federal records and destroyed them and in another example of her violation of the national security statutes, Comey said that in the thousands of emails she thought she destroyed as “personal”, several contained classified information which is clearly covered under the prohibition from removing and destroying  classified information.  Removal and destruction of non-classified agency documents is covered under the Federal Records Act.

Anyway you look at it, Hillary knowingly and willingly set out to hide her official activities from the Congress and the public and to transmit and receive classified information on an unsecure system subject to being and in all likelihood having been hacked by Russia, China, Iran and pretty much any other sophisticated nation or hacker.  And remember that Comey stated that there were several documents that she transmitted and/or received over her illegal server that in fact had classified markings on them.

People, including Bill O’Reilly have sought to contrast Clinton’s activities from those of General Petraeus on the grounds that the general intentionally gave the documents to his girlfriend.  Hillary gave all her documents to her attorney who Comey said didn’t have a security clearance.  This thing with the attorney’s security clearance has been going back and forth for awhile.  As indicated in an earlier rant, it was reported on the Five that he didn’t have a clearance.  Then State reported that he did — which I suspect was backdated to cover Hillary’s backside.  Thus Comey reported what he found and then the next day it was put out again the he did have a Top Secret clearance.  People it makes no difference from a legal perspective.  Petraeus’s sweety had a Top Secret clearance and they still charged him!!

Furthermore, there are numerous other people who Hillary effectively gave access to her documents.  The server guy and the folks at the server farm in I seem to think it was Colorado or Pennsylvania that backed up and serviced her homegrown illegal server.  These were all national security violations!!

REMEMBER AS I INITIALLY REPORTED HERE AND AS FAR AS I CAN TELL NO ONE ELSE HAS STATED THE FOLLOWING:  For access to classified information you need to meet two criteria.  First you have to have a security clearance at or above the classified level of the information sought.  Second and equally as important, you need to have a federally determined NEED TO KNOW the information you are seeking.  Thus the fact that the general’s sweety had a Top Secret clearance didn’t matter because she didn’t have an official need to know that information.

And as I stated in earlier rants, either Hillary intentionally transmitted classified information over an unsecure, illegal server or she’s too damn stupid to be the president.  Comey chose too damn stupid and Hillary is apparently jumping on that bandwagon  —  which is pretty interesting since she’s essentially running on her lack of a penis and her demonstrated competency.  I guess she’s down to just lack of a penis.

What should be interesting to watch now is how the FBI and DOJ are going to handle the fact that as Comey clearly set out, Hillary committed perjury when she lied under oath to the Congressional panel investigating Benghazi.  There were several bald faced lies and you can bet the administration doesn’t want anyone to pursue this because the only get out of jail free card on this issue is a presidential pardon!

Well folks anyone supporting Hillary is either voting for a moron or an intentional felon.  Tough choice.

And lastly, lest you forget, foreign adversaries NO DOUBT HAVE all of Hillary’s emails, especially the ones she sought to destroy.  Do we really need a president subject to blackmail by our adversaries?  Can we trust that in negotiating with foreign powers she would get the best deal or would she sell us down the river to keep her corrupt and most likely criminal activities a secret?  Not a choice we should have to make!