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As usual all the media missed the real story.  As I’m sure you know by now the Attorney General met former President Bill Clinton on board a private jet in I believe Arizona.  The media on both sides focused on the impropriety due to the investigation of Hillary’s emails.  However, no where was it mentioned that the investigation is reported to also cover pay to play at the Clinton Foundation, which means that Bill is also under investigation!  Thus the meeting was an amazingly obvious  textbook conflict of interest.  Lynch must ethically recuse herself.  Never going to happen in this corrupt administration or with the crooked Clintons.


DJ saved the tweedy USGA elites from themselves by winning big so their incompetence wouldn’t change the outcome at the U.S. Open.  There are a few reasons why they were wrong not the least of which is arrogance.   First there is the double standard of instant reply.  If you’re  not on the leaderboard, your every shot is not filmed and you play by the rules with an official there to help if questions arise, as it should be.  Why should it be different if you’re winning.  The playing field should be the same for everyone.

Additionally, the game is played in real time not super slow blown up motion.  It is ridiculous to second guess decisions made in real time because someone calls in on the phone to complain and then you look many times in super slow motion and freeze frame with blow up.  That’s not even remotely fair.

Next, the replay they used was extremely misleading!  It was a parallax view which distorted reality.  The angle they used gave the false impression that DJ’s practice strokes involved him grounding his putter very very close to his ball.  However, if you watch the final round you will see that whenever they show a head on view of him taking practice swings with his putter, it is more than an inch away from the ball  —  putting the lie to their disingenuous use of a parallax view.  If grounding your putter more than an inch from the ball can be deemed responsible for anything the ball does a second or two later, then you don’t need their rule.  The rule becomes one of absolute liability for anything the ball does after you remove your marker.

Lastly and to me the biggest problem was the ridiculous standard they sought to apply from their inbred Brahman perspective.  “More likely than not” is a terrible standard, especially when being imposed by people that don’t understand it.  As they applied it, unless DJ could prove something else caused the ball to move, it was automatically deemed to be his fault.  People, golf balls move on greens all the time.  It’s not that unusual, and many times there is no explanation, it just happens.  Think of stacking dishes in the sink overnight and then a few hours later when you’re asleep, they shift and you wake up thinking someone is breaking in.  Shit happens.  Get over your self important selves.



As any of you have followed my rants know, I have been a fan of George Will for a long time.  However as I indicated in an earlier rant he has gone bat shit crazy against Trump, is a leader of the #NeverTrump crowd of self important empty suits who are pissed off because Trump doesn’t read and praise their elitist ravings and deigns to put you and me ahead of the bloviating intelligentsia’s imaginary view of reality.

Now he has gone off the deep end totally.  He dropped out of the Republican Party and registered as unaffiliated.  Additionally, he had the unmitigated audacity to say that we would be better off with 4 years of Hillary and a Republican controlled Congress than a Trump presidency.

George, you need to stay on your meds and out of the sun!  First off, your dream of Hillary and a Republican controlled Congress is just that.  It’s extremely likely that if Hillary wins with your help and that of other formerly Republican elitists, Dems will also retake the Senate and potentially the House, in which case there won’t be anything left to salvage in four years.

Moreover, you seem to conveniently forget the most important thing at stake in this election  —  control of the Supreme Court.  Whoever the next president is will in all likelihood name 2 or 3 justices which will determine the philosophy of the court for at least 2 generations.  If Hillary wins, you can count on her packing the court with socialist/progressive ideologues who will eviscerate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and clear the path for the left to take us straight to socialism.  Square that, George, with better off under Hillary.  You can’t undo the harm that she will cause to the country with justices who are lifetime appointments!

And if that’s not enough, George proved today that he is a complete hypocrite in an opinion piece in the Washington Post.  It was on Brexit and he waxed eloquently on how wonderful it was that the little people got to assert their desire to be a sovereign nation with borders and immigration they control and elected officials rather than faceless bureaucrats in Brussels over-regulating everything the did and disastrous trade deals which hurt the real Britons but helped the elite political class.

Anyone one whose read anything about Brexit knows that it is almost universally believed that Brexit is a boon for Trump because the reasons that they voted “out” are very similar to the positions he has staked out here in this election and symptomatic of a world-wide desire to undo the political class and elites and return power to citizens

So George, why are the reasons for Briton great and the same ones for the U.S. terrible other than you don’t like Trump’s style or lack of an insider elitist pedigree.  Look in a mirror and see how many faces you see, then get back on your meds and do the right thing instead of acting like a petulant, spoiled 5 year old!!



Okay, I’ll try to make this brief.  Y’all know that the usual suspects took their usual positions.  Hillary and Obama and the rest of the left blamed guns and hatred of gays.  Trump pointed out the obvious and blamed radical Islam — which is correct —  however with the possible exception of Trump, none of the pointed out that the real problem is with all Islam.

Julie Roginsky, the Democratic panel member on The Five on Monday came prepared with a list of hate crimes in the US against gays to argue that Christians and Jews follow the bible which also like Islam calls for death to gays.  However, as I’ve pointed out in previous rants, Jews and Christians have evolved over the past 1000 years, and outside the occasional nut case, don’t  kill gays.  Islam does!  TRUTH ALERT:  You’re hearing it here first.  I haven’t seen it put this way anywhere.  The difference is that the bible is not the law of the land.  It’s a religious text.  Conversely, in the Muslim lands in the Middle East and North Africa some form of Sharia law is the law of the land and proscribes death for homosexuals.  That’s reality, and that’s mainstream Islam!

In case you missed it, recently in Doha, Qatar a Dutch woman was convicted of and sentenced for having sex outside of marriage when she reported being raped by a Muslim man.  Yeah, let’s celebrate and encourage Islamic ways here as Obama and Hillary and the left do continuously.  Obama in the middle of a hissy fit said opposing such is un-American.    Bullshit!  As Trump pointed out, encouraging and kowtowing to those who treat women as property and kill the LGBT community is not American.

Moreover, Hillary has taken multi-millions from these very same countries while claiming to base her campaign on women’s and gay rights.  Wake up people,and especially millennials, the only thing that Hillary stands for is self enrichment for her and her family and she’ll say and do and flip flop all it takes to get there.


For those who didn’t see it yesterday, Hillary the hypocrite said people under investigation by the FBI shouldn’t be able to buy guns.  How ironic since she thinks such people should be able to control the entire arsenal of this country, including nuclear weapons!  AMAZING!


Because all the pundits and politicians on both sides continue to obfuscate Trump’s comments on the Hispanic judge, I feel the need to further rant.  First, Justice Sotomayor, the first Latina justice on the Supremes, made a point several times to indicate that an Hispanic justice was needed because they bring a different perspective and see things from a different perspective than white men.  She made it abundantly clear that she views judging not as applying the proven facts to an established legal or constitutional framework, but to interpret facts from an ethnic perspective.  This is of course applauded by the left as diversity.

However, when Trump says your ethnicity and activities in furtherance of promoting the agenda of your nationality appear to create a conflict of interest when adjudicating my case given my public positions which conflict with your espoused non-judicial activities, the left and surprisingly the brainwashed, gutless PC right, say that’s racist.  You can’t have it both ways!

To put this in a clearer perspective, imagine that a white police officer was in front of a black judge who happened to be a member of Black Lawyers  for Black Lives Matter on a police brutality charge.  Does anyone seriously believe that it would be racist to raise the obvious conflict?  I mean anyone other than diehard leftist/progressive/socialist diversity nut cases.

Next rant will be on Orlando.


Paul Ryan stated that Trump’s comments about a judge of Mexican decent were the definition of racist.  Ryan is totally wrong.  First, Mexican is not a race.  It’s a nationality.  But more importantly, Ryan like pretty much all the pundits misrepresented Trump’s position.  Trump indicated that this judge is a member of La Raza Lawyers of San Diego, a group whose purpose is to further the Hispanic agenda, and while not formally a part of La Raza, La Raza is listed as a supporter of the group.  Given Trump’s position on illegal immigrants from Mexico and trade issues with Mexico, it’s reasonable to question the judge’s impartiality.  Trump never said it was just because the judge was the son of Mexican immigrants, but as always, Ryan and the rest of the PC crowd couldn’t take the time to understand the issue.  Instead they just went to their safe PC space.

Speaker Ryan, please take the time to learn what you’re talking about.  For years, liberals have claimed it’s inappropriate for pro-life judges to handle cases involving abortion clinics.  What’s the difference?


Just a short posting on the ongoing saga of climate fraud.  First, as any of you know who read my rants, the sun is the controlling force in the continuing cycle of the earth warming and cooling  —  not CO2.  And as indicated previously, we may well start heading into another little ice age in the next 15 years or so.  The article cited in this link shows perfectly the correlation between sun spot cycles and earth temperatures for several thousand years.

And on another front, the Portland, Oregon school district has outlawed the teaching of anything which questions the global warming scam.  Looks like they’re heading back to Tennessee prior to the Scopes Monkey trial.  Clearly, global warming is a religion and not science.

Portland school board bans climate change-denying materials