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There is a convicted pedofile billionaire named Jeffrey Epstein who owns a Boeing 727 which is nicknamed “the Lolita Express ” which apparently had a bed on board where passengers had sex with girls as young as 12.  Guess who records show took 26 flights on this wonderful female empowering aircraft?  Of course, Bill Clinton.  And on 5 of those occasions, he dumped his secret service guard.

Don’t believe me.  Google it.  It’s been reported in several papers, but mostly glossed over or ignored by the liberal media.  How is this even possible?

Makes you wonder about the real war on women and girls.  I hope Trump brings it up in a debate with Hillary on the war on women!


I was apparently wrong about biological males playing on the women’s rugby team.  It seems that the dictate doesn’t apply to contact sports.  But males identifying as female could play softball or tennis or volleyball or maybe basketbal — don’t know if that’s considered a contact sport — or swim team or gymnastics.  I doubt the last one would be a problem because no matter what you identify as, no one with testicles is getting on the balance beam.

Interestingly, by singling out certain activities for exclusion from gender identification, they are in fact admitting what we all know.  Gender is a biological, scientific fact.  This is settled science!


Just a quick note.  I love seeing all the world leaders positively apoplectic at the thought of Trump in the Oval Office.  It just proves what he’s saying about this country being taken advantage of. The thought of a president putting America first is really scary to the rest of the world.  Go Donald!


It has become apparent in recent weeks that the Obama administration is doing its best to end our national sovereignty and make us part of a worldwide socialist government under the UN.  Now this should not be a surprise to anyone who has followed my rants.  If you harken back to my rants on global warming a year ago, you’ll recall that I indicated the global warming scam has never been about the environment.  It’s about redistribution of money from countries who have it to those who don’t.  Socialism on an worldwide scale.

Recently,in an op-ed piece for the London Telegraph, Obama came close to saying that nations cling to their sovereignty much like he said the unenlightened in fly over states cling to their guns and bibles.

“And in today’s world, even as we all cherish our sovereignty, the nations who wield their influence most effectively are the nations that do it through the collective action that today’s challenges demand.”

Collectivism, the hallmark of socialism.

He did much the same thing during his commencement speech at Rutgers, castigating Trump for not wanting to subjugate this country to the collective will of other nations.  And recently John Kerry in a commencement speech at Norteastern University stated:

“The future demands from us something more than a nostalgia for some rose-tinted version of the past that did not really exist in any case.  .     .       .   You’re about to graduate into a complex and borderless world.”

I have no doubt that Obama in his favorite fantasy sees himself leaving the Whitehouse and becoming the head of the worldwide socialist government of the UN.  This is why Trump is such a problem for them.  He still believes in this country as an independent, sovereign nation.  And he wants to restore it’s place in the world.  Hillary is no different, don’t be fooled.  Remember the only ones who profit in a socialist government are the corrupt insiders and no one epitomizes corrupt insider more than the Clintons.

Hopefully my next rant will be on the false god of multiculturalism and the bs of cultural appropriation.


Just to follow up on the shower rant, if Obama can unilaterally redefine the meaning of federal civil rights statutes, then what’s to stop him or Hillary from determining that race or ethnicity is also a function of how one sees themselves.  Fauxcohontas Elizabeth Warren — thanks to Michelle Malkin for that term — could actually be Native American and Justin Bieber and Rachel Dolezal could actually be black and I could be a Native American black Hispanic disabled woman.  I expect that the Feds would have to send me millions due my identity.



I didn’t intend to enter the fray on this issue, but the divider-in-chief has gone off the deep end again and so I couldn’t resist.  For starters I believe that you should use the restroom which corresponds to whatever genitalia your sporting at the moment.  And if the issue was only bathrooms I wouldn’t really care because I don’t think there would be anymore problems than there are now.  I doubt there would be anymore problems than exist now with gay or lesbian pedofiles targeting children in bathrooms.  And yes there are lesbian pedofiles.  One was kicked out of the base pool where I grew up when she was caught performing cunniligus on a young girl.  I doubt transgender individuals would be any more or less likely to engage in potential sex crimes than anyone else.

At present there is already a double standard in this area.  Women on occasion use the men’s room because the wait is too long at the women’s room.  This happened onetime at the National Zoo when I was there with my twin sons.  We were in the men’s room at the urinals, dick in hand, when a woman walked in because she thought the line at the ladies room was too long.  After she invaded our privacy, she went into a stall to preserve her own. It pissed me off because if I had decided that for some unusual reason the wait in the men’s room was too long and went into the ladies room, I’d have probably been arrested.

But again, I don’t think there would be a problem if this nonsense stopped in restrooms only.  One can use a stall and maintain privacy.  Dana Perino on the Five said she had no problem with this, but she’s lying or doesn’t understand what Obama did.  She’s the biggest prude on that show and there’s no way in hell she would shower in a locker room where individuals with penises were also showering because they identified as female.  And this is the point I want to make.  Look at all the articles and editorials praising Obama’s unlawful action and they all talk about restrooms.  They don’t deal with girls in junior high school or middle school or high school being told they have to get naked and shower in front on any individual with a penis who says he identifies as a female because they can’t say that with a straight face.  It’s absurd!  And I refer to girls because I doubt that any biological girl would want to take her naked breasts and vagina into a boys shower no matter how she self identified.

Two other problems I have with this unlawful and unconstitutional action are first we are told that the rights of the one half of one percent of the population that is transgender trump the privacy rights of the 99.5%.  If that’s the case then all facilities should be co-ed and all laws against public nudity should be eliminated.  There would be no legitimate basis to claim a violation of public dignity if you can force kids to be naked in school in front of individuals sporting the opposite genitalia.

The second problem is that Obama has no constitutional authority to issue his ultimatum, and there is no statutory authority for him to do so either.  He and his sycophants claim that the civil rights laws outlawing sex discrimination apply.  There is no way in hell that Congress considered anything other than biological gender to be covered when they enacted those provisions.

As an aside, Obama’s nonsense also say if you fail to make the football team, you can self identify as a female and play on the girls rugby team.  Go team.

Lastly, with respect to HB2, l agree with the bathroom provisions, although as I said at the outset, you should use the facility that corresponds with the genitalia you are sporting and needn’t amend your birth certificate.  On the other hand, I don’t like the provision that makes it okay to discriminate against transgender individuals.



Excuse the obvious Les Mis reference.  I love that show and was fortunate enough to see it live in Toronto with Colm Wilkinson the original Jean Valjean.  However, “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” is pretty appropriate for what’s going on now with the Republican establishment and the “conservative” media pundits.  They all continue to believe that they are important as they talk back and forth to one another as if they matter.  Forget the voters who have soundly told them to take a hike.  They are self-important, narcissistic idiots talking to no one but other self-important narcissistic idiots.  Same with Republican establishment politicians.  Do any significant number of voters give a damn whether Jeb Bush or Lindsay Graham endorse Trump?  Hell no!  If they did those empty suits might still be in the race.

It is just further proof that we need a political revolution to kick out the political class and restore democracy in this country instead of the political aristocracy we have let grow to cancerous proportion.  I am reminded of an anecdote that occurred when I attended a summer legal program at Harvard Law School.  One of the classes I was in was constitutional law.  The professor who I don’t remember, that should tell you something, was busy talking about this long running argument between two “constitutional scholars ” about the proper way to interpret the intent of the founding fathers in the constitution.  Basically it was a long running pissing contest between another pair of self-important individuals about whether certain Supreme Court decisions could be fit within their respective theories of proper constitutional construction and would therefore be legitimate.

[I could look up the two ‘scholars ‘ but for almost everyone who reads this it would be meaningless and those with a legal background can look it up for themselves.]. [As a further aside apparently any theory of constitutional interpretation must result in Brown v. Board of Education being legitimate under the intent of the founding fathers.  That’s the decision which required integration.  Now I agree with Brown, but there was no way in hell it was in keeping with the intent of the framers.  They put in the constitution that black slaves were to be counted as 3/5ths of a person., and a significant portion of them owned slaves. The post Civil War amendments to the constitution are the basis for Brown not the intent of the founding fathers.]

Back to the anecdote, while this professor was ‘waxing eloquently ‘ about these competing theories, a guy raised his hand and stated in effect, I don’t know what all you academics are arguing about amongst yourselves, but I’m from Texas and when the Supreme Court issues a decision, no one looks to see whether it fits some bs theory of constitutional interpretation, they just follow the decision.  The prof just stood there dumbfounded because he had no response.  The Emperor has no clothes!

That’s what is basically going on now.  As I have said previously, there is a very small portion of people who are what the pundit class deems ‘conservative ‘ although they can’t agree on what that means.  They talk to themselves and voters couldn’t care less.  What really has them pissed off is that Trump has deigned to ignore them instead of kissing the ring.  He is a threat to their privileged way of life.  He hasn’t hired a bunch of them to ruin his campaign and it’s driving them crazy.  Trump doesn’t need to cow tow to Ryan.  Trump won!  The voters have spoken get over it or get out of the way because the train has left the station!