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What exactly is the supposed war against women?  Is it Hillary trashing Bill’s “bimbos ” and “trailer park trash” or is it Hillary taking millions from Muslim countries who her own State Department characterized as violating women’s rights?  No apparently it is any time Trump says anything negative about a woman.  When Dems say stuff about Sarah Palin that is disgusting, that’s ok because she’s not a Democrat that’s ok because she’s not a real woman.  How could she be as a Republican.

It appears to me that the bogus war on women is based on two things.  First as I discussed yesterday, there is the bogus issue of “reproductive rights” i.e., abortion.  Abortion is not about reproductive rights.  Women were equally involved in the act that resulted in the pregnancy in the first place and we’re not talking about reproductive rights we’re talking about ending a reproductive result.  I of course am not talking about pregnancies resulting from rape or incest which the overwhelming majority of Americans believe should be an issue which justifies abortion.  Ted Cruz take note you’re off the chain on this issue!  Get real.

Interestingly the majority of women who support Hillary on this “issue ” are way past reproductive age!

The other issue appears to be the bogus wage disparity between women and men.  Understand people that since, I believe 1963 when the Equal Pay Act was passed, it has been against the law for women to be paid less for doing the same job as a man!  This faux issue is the remnant of the failed attempt in the 80’s and 90’s to pass a law requiring “equal pay for work of equal value “.  Under that ridiculous proposition a bunch of bogus social scientists would determine crap like a secretary should be paid the same as a cross country truck driver.  You want to be paid the wages of a truck driver drive a freaking truck.  You have that right!  But don’t tell me you should be paid what someone else is for doing a different job than you do.

Proof of this nonsense is that both in Obama’s White House and  Hillary’s State Department women were overall paid 70 to 80 percent of what men were!

These days they’re calling it the “Pay Equity Act” but it’s the same wolf under sheep’s clothing.  Women don’t fall for the BS.  You are much better off with a rising economy and you need to exercise your right to equal access to good paying jobs.  You’ll never get that from Dems because they want to keep you in dependency status and hope you’ll reward them with your votes.



Why does every discussion of women’s rights always seem to start and end with abortion issues?  Don’t women face many more important issues like the economy and terrorism?  Lest you forget, many women are in fact pro life and for young women, it’s not that big an issue because they’ve grown up with abortion as a constitutional right their whole lives.  Roe v. Wade is over forty years old!  It’s really just the go to safe space for doddering dinosaurs like Clinton, Albright and Steinem.  They are clueless about today’s issues and seem to think, backed up by their media enablers, that they can make a non issue somehow a major issue in the election.  Remember Hillary has negative numbers amongst women almost as bad as Trump.  They know a woolly mammoth when they see one.

People, there is no way in hell that abortion will become a criminal act again.  The majority of the country favors it.  The constitution will not be amended to outlaw it! And if by some extremely unlikely turn of events, the Supreme Court was to overturn Roe and let the issue go back to the states, there will be many states that will allow it, California, New York, and Illinois to name a few, so it will always be legally available in this country.

Lastly, why is Trump catching so much crap for saying that if abortion was illegal then women who break the law should be punished.  If you buy illegal drugs both you and your dealer are subject to punishment.  If you engage in illegal activity with a prostitute, you can be charged as happens from time to time when police set up a sting to arrest “johns”.  So why do women deserve a “pass” to break the law, if such a nonexistent law existed?


Why do Blacks blindly follow the Democratic Party?  And why are the Clintons such favorites?  During Bill’s time in office, he and Hillary pushed and got passed the now discredited criminal justice reform law which had the effect of putting a significant portion of a generation of black youths in prison.  Under Obama, blacks have fared worse than just about anyone else. All they have gotten has been divisive and inflammatory rhetoric and empty promises.  This is not an accident because the Dems aren’t really interested in improving their position.  They want a permanent underclass that will continue to blindly vote for their false promises.  If blacks actually had their economic lot improved significantly, many would become Republican when they noticed how much of their hard earned money was going to support an ever growing government.