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Why are liberals/socialists so enamoured of Muslims?  As mentioned in my last rant,  progressives are clearly Anti-Semitic, but I don’t understand their affection for Muslims.  Progressives are big on women’s rights and the faux war on women, however, Islam is about as anti-woman as you can get.  Women are clearly second class citizens treated as mere property.  And as for their purported love of the LBGT community, Islam throws those people off roofs.  So what’s the infatuation!  I don’t get it.

I saw today that in Germany they have separate trains for men and women because of the propensity of Muslin men to openly grope women, and let’s not forget the outrageous conduct by these individuals on New  Years Eve when many women were molested by Muslim men in Europe and the authorities tried to cover it up lest the failure of multiculturalism be exposed.  Don’t forget that somewhere in Britain, I could look it up but so can you, young girls were kept by Muslim men as essentially sex slaves for several years!

So how does that square with the purported position of liberals on women’s and LBGT rights?  I just don’t understand?  Help me understand it if you can!


Over the next several days I am going to be asking some questions and I will look forward to any answers you can supply, and yes that means I am soliciting response.  As long as they are reasonable and otherwise thoughtful, I will post them for all to see.

First Question:  Why do Jews overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party?  And why did they treat Hillary like a rock star at AIPAC?

Under the Obama/Clinton foreign policy debacle, Palestinians and other Muslims have been consistently favored over Israel.  And hate crimes are I believe  4 or 5 times greater against Jews than Muslims in the U.S. but we constantly hear about Islamophobia but never about Anti-Semitism from Obama or Clinton or anyone else in the administration.  As I recall, back in the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, a Jewish deli was also targeted and the administration refused to mention the obvious.

So why the support for Hillary?  She was the lead attack dog for Obama against Netanyahu!

Feel free to explain.


Obama is at it again.  It was bad enough when he equated the Crusades to present day Islamic terrorism, but I don’t know if you saw it but while he was in Cuba, not only did he do the “wave” in the midst of a terrorist tragedy, but he equated the Castro revolution to the American Revolution.  Really?  He’s an idiot who only cares about trying to run out the clock and hope there will be something to call a legacy.  There will be — massive incompetence in all areas!


It certainly has been interesting over the last couple of weeks.  The permanent political class on both sides of the aisle are showing their true colors — especially on the Republican side.  They are going crazy, literally foaming at their collective mouths in trying to hold onto their coveted spot as part of the political ruling class.  It became totally clear that they don’t care a bit about you and me.  They care about protecting the status quo, which pays them very well and lets them act as intellectually superior to the rest of us mere mortals.  We’re the unwashed masses that are just too ignorant to understand their brillance.

The truth of this became clear when they started to prepare to run a third party candidate to guarantee that Trump won’t win the general election.  They’ve made it clear that Hillary is preferable to Donald in their eyes because Donald isn’t part of the club and she is, which makes clear what most of us have known for a long time.  It makes no real difference to the permanent political class which party is in office.  Under either it’s business as usual and they prosper.  Remember Harry Reid came to D.C. 30 some years ago with barely any money and now will leave with $55 million while only having had a government salary — under both Democratic and Republican administrations.  I worked in D.C. for 30 years and trust me I don’t have $55,000 to my name much less $55 million.

I never thought I would say this but it’s time to throw out the Republican establishment and it’s pundits and enablers and bring in a whole new regime not owing allegiance to them.  This ‘revolution’ is long overdue!

As any of you know if you’ve read my rants, I have always appreciated George Will’s insights.  But he has gone bat shit crazy against Trump and even wrote a piece saying the Republicans in the Senate have a constitutional obligation to approve Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.  He should be ashamed of himself and he know’s better.

That is why I am now going to support TRUMP!  Throw the bastards out!!  It’s way overdue.  We need term limits to keep us from ending up in this position again.  The Founding Father’s would turn over in their graves with the notion that Harry Reid could do what he did — much less the Clinton slush fund!

Don’t get me wrong, Trump is a mile long and and an inch deep, but he isn’t part of the establishment.  I’m assuming that like yesterday at AIPAC he can tone it down and be presidential.  I also assume that he will surround himself with knowledgeable people — mainly because he won’t want to look like an idiot and be FIRED!

Lastly, as I’ve said before he won’t give Hillary a pass on anything.  He will eviserate her in the general election and put an end to the idea that her increasingly senile ‘husband’ is some political genius.  He’s a disgrace coddled by the Dems because they don’t have anyone worth a damn since Kennedy who was also a womanizer but at least didn’t rape anyone and had good taste — Marilyn Monroe to name one — not Paula Jones.  Clinton benefitted from Reagan’s foreign policy which destroyed the Soviet Union but still managed to be responsible — although the main stream liars won’t ever admit it — for the housing collapse and the bank meltdown.




After the Democratic debate last weekend, the media on the right, i.e. Fox News was critical of the moderators for not asking tough questions, particularly on Clinton’s email scandal.  One question was asked and she basically ignored it and changed the subject.  And then out of the blue Hillary agreed to be on the Fox News town hall program in Michigan last night.

On “The Five” — the show on Fox preceding the town hall — Bret Baier who would moderate the town hall was asked if any agreements had been made with the candidates to stay off certain topics and he said no.

Baier has been tough on Republican candidates in the 3 debates he has been a moderator, however, last night when I thought we might finally get some tough questions and follow ups for Hillary and Bernie, it looked pretty much the same as it does when it’s the fawning mainstream pundits.  He basically asked her whether anyone told her she and/or her aides were targets of an FBI investigation.  She said no and then went on to her famous dodge — nothing that was “marked classified” was sent from or received on her private server. And Baier let her skate, looking like he was more interested in trying to keep liberal pundits from saying Fox was abusive or something.

Anyway, he should have asked her if she knew that any of the information on her server was in fact information that was or should have been classified irrespective of “marking”.  Because that’s the real question!  When she said no, because if she said yes she would be admitting that she committed a crime, he should have followed up by asking her if North Korean nuclear movements or Ambassador Stevens travel itinerary leading up to his death in Benghazi or the identities and locations of undercover U.S. operatives whose lives could be put at risk if they were discovered were matters that she recognized as highly sensitive information that falls within the definition of national security information.  If she answered that one no, she would demonstrate beyond a doubt that she’s dumb as a stump.  And again she couldn’t answer yes without admitting to criminal activity and taking the 5th on national television wasn’t a real option for her.

He could have also asked if the reason that nothing was “marked classified” was because as one email clearly states she told one of her aides, I think Jake Sullivan but I’m too lazy to look it up, to remove the markings and send classified information through non-classified channels.

Now there is one possible explanation, and if that’s the case I apologize to Bret, it is possible that either people in the FBI or Fox’s own legal staff told him not to put her in a position where she would essentially have to plead the 5th.  But let’s remember, Hillary is the one who put herself in this position by breaking the law in the first place, and you can bet that Trump or Cruz or whoever will ask the hard questions in a debate with her and the spectacle of the Democratic nominee having to take the 5th in a presidential debate is just delicious!


Just so it’s clear to anyone who might be reading this, yesterday’s rant was not meant as an endorsement of the Donald.  It was meant to lay out what’s happening for better or worse.  Moreover, whilst I understand being fed up with the political establishment on both sides, it is still useful to remind yourself of the political realities of our constitutional system of government.  As I pointed out in a rant about why I wasn’t going to support the Republican challenger to our incumbent  Republican congressman, you need both houses of congress and the presidency to effect real change.

People are frustrated because we elected a Republican House in 2010 as a direct result of Obama forcing Obamacare down our throats with the help of maneuvers from Harry Reid and Democratic majorities in both the House and the Senate, plus the presidency.  However, controlling the House doesn’t put you in a position to make big changes.  What it does is give you the ability to stop Obama and his buddies from enacting anymore major disasters like Obamacare.  And they did.

Then in 2014 Republicans kept the House and took over the Senate.  Again, this was good but still doesn’t put Republicans in a position to make big changes.  I understand people are upset that the Republican congress didn’t make big changes.  But once again, you need to understand the process.  For a bill to become law, it must get a majority of votes in the House and then — due to the filibuster rules in the Senate — 60 votes in the Senate, and then be signed by the President.  If the President vetoes the bill it goes back to Congress where it needs a 2/3rds majority vote in both the House and the Senate to override the President’s veto.

As long as an ideologue like Obama is in the Whitehouse, and Republicans don’t have veto proof majorities in both houses, Republicans can’t really do a lot.  Fortunately neither can Obama legally, although he’s certainly tried with all his bogus Executive Orders.  They can all be undone with the stroke of a pen if a Republican is elected President this fall.

So again, I share your frustration, but keep your eye on the prize.  If we elect a Republican president and keep both houses of Congress, significant change can take place, and if under those conditions, significant change does not take place then put them all on the unemployed list!  Remember the only time Obama got anything major done legally was when he had the House and the Senate in his first two years in office!


Obviously not, but I can’t think of a better explanation for the current election cycle than to refer you to the movie Braveheart.  Probably about a third of the way through it there is a great battle scene.   A group of common Scottish farmers are gathered on a field with several Scottish “nobles” awaiting the English army.  When it arrives with overwhelming numbers and heavy horse cavalry, the farmers begin to leave and the nobles plead with them to wait until they could at least hear the King’s terms.  Now it’s important to understand that the Scottish nobles had every bit as much English nobility as they did Scottish and wanted to negotiate a peace treaty, if you will, which would give them more land and power and to hell with the poor commoners.  As they start to walk away while the nobles go out to mid field to negotiate with the English, in comes William Wallace (Mel Gibson), a commoner,  and gives his big speech and then basically gives the English the finger and the commoners with his leadership and some long pointed sticks destroy the English cavalry and the entire army.

It seems to me that that is exactly what’s happening this election. The common folk have had it with the establishment of both parties.  Every time, they pretend that they care about you and will do great things for you if you put them in office.  And every time, nothing changes and the political class and their cronies, and the pundits and the media get richer and the middle class and lower class do worse.  So in come Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and say screw the establishment, we hear you and we are not going to be bought by the establishment.  We’re here for you to actually make your life better.  And the fed up folks are responding to that message.  They are tired of business as usual and want actual change, clearly a lot of the Bernie people want different changes than the Donald people but the whole bunch are fed up with politics as usual dictated by the establishment political class.  And it’s driving the political class bat shit crazy.  [The Republican establishment is even heading into the Cruz camp, which was unthinkable a couple of months ago.]  It is a real threat to their privileged way of life.  Who knows, next thing the common folk will want is term limits and that would utterly destroy the political class.  As far as I’m concerned, term limits can’t come fast enough!

And here’s a dirty little secret for you —  true conservatives and true liberals as defined by the pundit class, probably make up less than 20% of the population.  The overwhelming majority of us are conservative on somethings and liberal on others.  We pick and choose based on our backgrounds, and some on their religious beliefs, and what we see issue by issue as the best way forward for our families.  And I believe that the overwhelming majority of us want to see less taxes and less governmental interference in our lives — even a majority of democratic voters most likely want less government.  They are sold a bill of goods promising them that the government will make their lives better, but it hasn’t.

And that will be the subject of my next rant.  The false promise of government and questions for liberals and minorities.