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Just a little quickie today.  Isn’t it great with all the terrorist issues going on good old Barry O has gotten tough and let the radical Islamists know that we will show you that we’re serious by holding another meaningless climate change conference.  Damn, I bet they are scared now.

Here are 3 excellent articles to give you the scoop on what’s really going on.

And as always, just to put a little sarcasm in play.  Former Mayor Bloomberg of New York is a leading promoter of the climate change agenda and will be attending the circus in Paris.  He owns 11 houses — at least one of which is 22,000 sq. ft. — and a fleet of private jets.  How can anything coming out of his mouth be anything but hypocrisy.



Because I know that most of you are too lazy to check the links I provide, I’ve decided to actually provide you with translations of the Quran.

Quran 5:32

For this reason, We MADE IT A LAW FOR THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL that the killing of a person for reasons other than legal retaliation or for stopping corruption in the land is as great a sin as murdering all of mankind. However, to save a life would be as great a virtue as to save all of mankind. Our Messengers had come to them with clear authoritative evidence but many of them (Israelites) thereafter started doing wrong in the land.   Emphasis added.

Quran 5:33

Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment.

So folks. stop the nonsense of Islam is a religion of peace.  It isn’t now nor has it ever been.  Remember my humorous aside about the meaning of Allahu Akbar?  What you should take away from that is that this is not a chant of God is great, it is a chant in the comparative.  It’s the equivalent of my dad can beat up your dad.

While I’m on a roll, let’s consider the reality of this administration’s response.  We are flying 8 to 10 sorties a day, a pittance, but what you’re not being told is that only about 25% of these actually drop bombs because of the ridiculous rules of engagement placed on this ‘operation’ by Obama.  This is a national disgrace.

With respect to my earlier statement on the difference between ‘moderate’ Islam and American values, yesterday I sat on my balcony overlooking the Atlantic,  (I’m in Daytona Beach at the moment) and watched a Muslim family arrive at the beach.  The father and his sons frolicked in the sea whilst the mother and daughter stood at the back of the beach dressed in what Robin Williams called “beekeeper outfits”, covered head to toe in black — ideal for warm beach weather — and just watched.  Yeah Hillary!!  Keep taking the money from Muslim countries while spouting off about the war against women.  You’re part of the war!!



People, forget political correctness and let’s deal with reality.  ISIS is only ‘radical’ Islam if it’s ‘radical’ Judaism or Christianity to follow the bible literally.  ISIS is just following the Quran.  They may be called fundamentalists because they literally and strictly follow the words and decrees set forth in that document, but they are in fact practicing pure unadulterated Islam!!  I have seen a number of articles on this subject and one was recently emailed to me by a friend.  It was titled: Today Paris…Tomorrow…? By Andy Joppa in Council for Constitutional Principles.  I would give you a link but I have been unable to find it online, but did find another article on line by the same author with similar import.

Here is a quote contained in that article :

“Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the theocracy of Iran, ranted, “Islam makes it incumbent on all adult males to prepare themselves for the conquest of countries so that the writ of Islam {Sharia} is obeyed in every country in the world….” Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all!” Khomeini further offered, “…Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword! ” Khomeini leaves no room for moderates.”

And if it’s not clear from the title of that article, Joppa’s point is that the ISIS folks aren’t the ones perverting Islam, it’s the moderate ‘peaceful’ Muslims who are perverting the religion.

Let me also clear up the false narrative that is always put forth as proof that Islam is a religion of peace.  Those pushing that narrative, including none other than President Obama in his speech in Egypt that led along within doing nothing to a Nobel Peace prize, which seriously damages the legitimacy of Nobel prizes, always cite verse 5:32 from the Quran for the proposition that it says whoever kills a person, or human or soul (depending on the translation) kills all of mankind.  And it does say that, look it up — just Google Quran 5:32 —  but what you will find that when you do so is that the fine thought was imposed by Allah on “the children of Israel” not on Muslims.   When you have to take a verse totally out of context to try to present Islam as a religion of peace then that should tell you the reality is otherwise, and you can see that if you follow up with reading 5:33 which applies to Muslims and essentially declares that all who oppose Islam shall be killed or crucified or have hands and feet cut off.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the liar-in-chief misrepresented something since he misrepresents pretty much everything.  What I am surprised at is that this false narrative hasn’t really been pointed out by the media.  It’s sort of like if we say it this way maybe the Muslims will believe it too.  Fat chance.

It is time for our ‘leaders’ on both sides of the aisle to stand up and recognize that pure unadulterated Islam is at war with us.  And even in its ‘moderate’ form is really contrary to our core beliefs and values.  Its women are treated as chattels. Subject to honor killings and genital mutilation and in many places not allowed an education.  This is a subject I will deal with in greater length in a rant on Hillary’s two-faced war on women.

And lest I be remiss in  dealing with religious fundamentalism, let me point out that while we have fundamentalist, evangelical Christians who profess to believe that every word in the bible is absolutely and literally the true and unbreakable word and decree of God, they don’t really follow that!  If you don’t believe me just actually read Leviticus.  Outside the possibility of some obscure cult somewhere, we don’t kill adulterers or homosexuals and all kinds of other ridiculousness contained in that book.  We’ve changed animal sacrifice to master card and visa.

The real difference between us and them is that a significant portion of them are still living in the 10th century and so still believe in absolutely strict adherence to the Quran.  We have progressed so that even those who profess to follow the bible literally don’t.  They pick and choose the parts that work for them because civilization has marched forward in the West.

In closing, just remember that ISIS is Islam and not a perversion of Islam.



Just to lighten things up a little, I was checking on the actual meaning of Allahu Akbar based on something I read in an op-ed article.  Turns out it doesn’t mean God is great, it really means, our god Allah is greater than your god whatever.

I put this in here because in looking it up I checked I believe the Urban dictionary which had the above but in the comments where people give their views, one of them was that it means:  “Run the f**k away!”


Yo Mr. President, how come when one mentally disturbed individual shoots up a school or office, you blame all gun owners and want to confiscate all guns or put further meaningless restrictions on the Second Amendment, but when hundreds of thousands or even a million members of a particular religion chant death to America and Western civilization and commit thousands of heinous atrocities in the name of that religion your first response is to rush to the defense of that religion?  And want us to bring a whole lot of them essentially unvetted into the U.S?  Makes you wonder.

For any of you who didn’t see the feckless, clueless response of President Obama let’s bury our heads in the sand and leave it for my successor to actually act like a Commander-in-Chief, it was more of the same drivel he’s been spouting for almost 7 years.  Obama is by far the worst Commander-in-Chief in our history and based on the Democratic ‘debate’ on Saturday night, his would be successors want to follow down the same rabbit hole.

God help our children and grandchildren if we keep shirking our responsibilities!


While I would like to say that there is a big difference between Dems and Republicans on size of government, that would be an overstatement. Neither has really cut the size of government and in fact it has grown under administrations for both parties. The biggest difference is that Dems see pouring more money down a rat hole as the answer to everything. They believe that government is smarter than you are and so they should make all the decisions on what to do with your money, and they can fix all your problems by spending more of your money.

In fact, if memory serves me correctly, Obama once made a statement to the effect that he would decide how much of your money he would let you keep. The tone of the comment was along the line of its all the governments money and so they can decide what to let you keep. Sort of his you didn’t build your business and Hillary’s corporations don’t create jobs the government does. This is ass backwards. The question should be how much of your money is the minimum necessary to carry out the basic functions of the federal government — defense, foreign relations, regulation of interstate commerce, federal judiciary, patents and trademarks, immigration and providing a basic safety net for the truly needy not the truly clueless. The rest of the government activities should be the purview of the states. And if you don’t like how your state is handling its powers and responsibilities, then you are free to move to another state that does things more to your liking.

Republicans, at least in theory, believe government should be reduced in size and scope, and that you know best what to do with your money. That’s what most of the Republican candidates running for president espouse anyway. Which is easily contrasted with those running on the Democratic side, all of whom have espoused new expensive government programs and higher taxes, albeit only on the one-percenters. Of course it has been demonstrated that that isn’t possible, but it doesn’t stop the promises.

In terms of the need to reduce the size of government, consider this question. When was the last time you heard of a government agency being abolished when it served its function and is no longer needed? Never would be my answer, although it’s possible that some minor obscure agency has been eliminated, but I’m not aware. Instead, government departments and agencies act like the blob in that great old Steve McQueen movie and just keep gobbling up stuff and growing.

Now my basic premise in this and a few more rants on reducing the size and scope of all levels of government is that government does NOTHING efficiently and effectively. And to end up this first rant on the subject, I’ll give you a couple of examples to illustrate my point.

The first relates to when the government operates as a business and monopoly in the sale of alcohol as is the case in North Carolina. The result is that prices are 25% to in some cases 50% higher than they are in Florida, and selection is greatly curtailed. The reason is not higher taxes, it is the lack of competition and the fact that it’s government employees working in the stores with the full panoply of benefits. This fact was really brought home to me by an op-ed piece in the Washington Post 8 days or so ago by the Maryland State Comptroller about the prohibition era style regulation of alcohol sales in Montgomery County, Maryland where I lived for around 30 years. In Maryland alcohol sales are a county by county decision, and I believe that at this point only Montgomery County controls and operates exclusively the wholesale and retail sale of alcohol – just like the State of North Carolina. The result is that if you cross the border between Montgomery County and Prince Georges County, you see the kind of price differentials that I cited above for the difference between N.C. and Florida. So clearly taxes are not the issue. It is the inefficient nature of government, which as a monopoly has no incentive to be economical or efficient.

The other example that I will give you is from personal experience. In the agency in which I worked, there was an office which was charged with conducting investigations into violations of our regulations. It had approximately 50 employees who were primarily former Secret Service agents or former military investigators or other people with a criminal investigative background. And just so it’s clear, these were overwhelmingly very competent individuals in their field. I was the attorney responsible for prosecuting if you will any violations that they found. Now due to a change in the way we conducted enforcement in the agency, it turned out that 50% of their workload was investigating whistleblower allegations. In reviewing their reports, it became clear to me that a criminal investigative background was not the best background for investigating these complaints. Rather you need people who understand labor, employment and personnel matters and systems. And if you’ve read my earlier rants, you will recall that I have that kind of expertise. I put together a proposal that had support in which with a total of 8 people — 2 administrative types, 5 individuals with the appropriate background and myself — we would take over 50% of that office’s workload. It ultimately was rejected because that office convinced the powers that be that they would need 45 or 46 employees to do the other half of their workload.

That my friends is the reality of government efficiency.





First, in the I told you so category, as I indicated in a recent post on the Syrian refugee crisis, at least one person with a Syrian passport was one of the terrorists in Paris.  People we need to oppose bringing large numbers of Syrian refugees into this country.  They can’t be properly vetted and ISIS has already said it was embedding jihadists in this crowd to infiltrate the West.  This “crisis” is the modern day equivalent  of the Trojan Horse.   President Milktoast and the sky is falling from global warming Kerry need to grow a pair instead of bending over backwards to try not to offend the very people who are out to destroy us.  They have declared war on us and all Obama wants to do is kick the can down the road to make it someone else’s problem and protect his ‘legacy’.

He came in promising to end 2 wars and instead will leave at least 3 going when he leaves.  He is the most feckless and clueless person to ever occupy the office.

And if that weren’t bad enough, mister hope and change and national unity has been in fact the most divisive president in history.  As set out in the New York Post article by Paul Sperry, Obama has from day one engaged in the tactics he learned from Saul Alinsky to foment artificial discontent like he learned as a community organizer.  Read the article, which was brought to my attention by a loyal follower, here.  This dovetails nicely with my post on Obama’s misuse of disparate impact analysis to create nonexistent problems.

Which brings me to his and Kerry’s real religion, climate change.  Even in the midst of the real and present danger of radical Islam, all they can talk about is climate change and even blame the crisis in the Middle East on it.  What idiots!!  And speaking of idiots and hypocrites, I don’t know if you noticed this but Hillary received the endorsement of the League of Conservation voters, a group whose number one priority is addressing climate change.  She then snuck away on a private Learjet model 60, but was caught on camera boarding the plane.  This plane dumps over 2 tons of carbon in the atmosphere PER HOUR.  To put that into perspective, the average carbon footprint for a United Kingdom citizen is 8 tons PER YEAR.  See Paul Homewood’s November 11th post at

And keeping on the subject of Queen Hillary,  all her lies about her emails and server may finally come back to bite her in the ass.  She has apparently run into a section of the FBI that is not ready for the coronation and instead have expanded their review to include not only did she mishandle classified information, but also on whether she or her staff and assistants made misleading statements on those subjects to the government.  This is how they ultimately put Martha Stewart in prison.  Hopefully they won’t be deterred by the Obama administration from pursuing justice.  I’d have no problem if they cut a deal with Hillary to drop the charges in exchange for an agreement to drop out of the race and never run for public office again.  That would be a great trade!





Just a few quick comments on last night’s GOP debate.  Rubio was very good again.  Fiorina was solid as always in a debate, but I’ll deal with a problem she exposed last night below.  Trump and Kasich and Bush did poorly, and it appears the shine is wearing off the Trump brand.  He was exposed as having no real plan for anything other “I’ll make the world do what I want, how I want and when I want and they’ll pay for it.”  I think 8 years of egomaniac in the White House is enough.

Kasich again came off as whinny and obnoxious.  Paul had a few good moments but  nothing that will change his ranking.  Bush should pack it in but he won’t because he has too much money and Cruz had some good moments but I continue to think he can’t win a general election because his social positions are too far right.

Carson is a bright guy but I don’t think he’s prepared to be president.  There’s just too many gaps in his knowledge base.  I like him a lot, but suffered through Jimmy Carter’s learning curve whilst I was in the federal government and Barrack Obama’s total lack of qualification and ignorance for the past 8 years.

Now the problems I had with Fiorina and also with Rubio.  First with Carly, as any of you that having been following the ravings of the Curmudge know, I like Fiorina a lot.  However, I got a little bit concerned when she started spouting about Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB).  It demonstrates that she doesn’t really understand the government bureaucracy.  Carter introduced ZBB to the federal government in the 70’s and nothing changed.  Accounting systems don’t change the fundamental problem with government  —  namely there is no profit statement.  You don’t get promoted by saving money.  Your power in the federal government depends on how many employees you get under you and how big your budget is.  Efficiency isn’t a criteria.  If you say that you can do something more efficiently, then they will reduce your staff and funding and give your slots and funding to someone else.  [I’ll tell you an interesting story about that in my first official rant on government inefficiency.]

Similarly with Rubio and Fiorina and Cruz, they all want to cut spending in some departments or agencies but want to increase spending on defense.  Now I’m all for cutting spending and in fact abolishing many departments and agencies and I’m for a strong defense.  However, before we start pumping money in let’s cut the billions of waste fraud and abuse there is already there.  I would conservatively venture that you could walk into the Pentagon and randomly remove every third person without any reduction in effectiveness.  Maybe some general would have to get his own coffee or wipe his own ass once in a while, but it wouldn’t affect the military’s ability to carry out its mission.  Might increase it if you put a portion of those reductions back into actual combat positions.  Similarly, you could do the same throughout DOD.  And the entire federal government for that matter which is the subject of my next rants.

In closing this rant, the bottom line is that Republicans are in many ways no different than Democrats when it comes to government spending.  The real difference is in where they want to spend your money, and I’ll spend a few rants exploring this subject.  I’d be much more impressed with a GOP candidate who vowed to cut the waste before blindly pouring more money in to his or her favorite department.


You didn’t really think I could pass up commenting on President Fraud’s Keystone XL decision did you. Well I couldn’t.

It is truly amazing that he thinks this cements his environmental legacy, well maybe it does with the minority of people who think destroying civilization is a small price to pay for their demented view of how things should be.

Let’s be honest, Obama and his State Department flunky Kerry have admitted that Keystone XL will not affect “global warming” because Canada is going to produce it anyway and it’ll have to be shipped by trucks or trains which are less environmentally friendly than a pipeline. So what was his reason — the delusional nutcase thinks it will make him the leader of the environmental world going into the Paris climate talks. It might make him the king of the nutcases, but it will not increase his stature in the world. Lest you forget, Forbes has already downgraded him to the third most powerful person in the world behind Putin and Merkel.

When’s the last time a U.S. President was ranked third most powerful? Never since Forbes has been doing it! No sitting president has been ranked lower than second most powerful.

And what’s really going on in the world as we approach Paris? India says it’s more important to provide power to 300 million Indians living in rural areas with coal fired plants than to go “green”. China, with whom Obama reached another meaningless agreement on climate change in which China sort of promised that at some future point, 20 or 30 years down the road, it would stop increasing the amount of CO2 it releases every year, just recently admitted that it underreported by 1 billion tons per year over the last 15 years the amount of coal it burned annually. Some African nations have indicated they are much more interested in getting reliable cheap coal power plants than all the green nonsense.

And once again let’s remember what we are really talking about. As indicated in my last rant, according to NOAA, CO2 presently makes up 3 one hundredths of one percent of the atmosphere (0.0003) and of that percent, mankind’s contribution is 4 one hundredths of one percent of that number (0.0004).  Put it all together and you get that President Quixote and his fellow climate fraudsters are talking about 12 one millionths of one percent of the atmosphere. I would love to hear him say out loud that that’s what we’re talking about, but that will never happen because that would expose the scam. Remember folks, this isn’t about the environment, it’s about destroying capitalism and redistributing the world’s wealth. Look back at my second rant in May for the quotes.

Also pay attention to the disingenuous nature of the Obama’s boasting on his accomplishments. Twenty times more solar power than when he came into office. So what’s 20 times almost zero. A little bit more than almost zero! This guy is all “symbolism” and “legacy” and no substance.

This is a disgrace of epic proportions, but President Quixote is so convinced of his brilliance and your ignorance and so delusional that it’s possible he really believes some of the crap he’s shoveling. More likely he’s well aware of the scam and pushing it to further his socialist/progressive dreams for the world.

Now I’ll finally get around to talking about the unmitigated waste that is the government and why you shouldn’t vote Democratic because their solution to everything is more ineffective and inefficient government!


Ed Rogers had an interesting piece in the Washington Post today pointing out more problems with the fictitious global warming nonsense.  I’ve pointed them all out before but wanted to provide you a quote dealing with a subject I have covered  — the miniscule contribution of human activity to the already miniscule part that CO2 occupies in the atmosphere:

“And while we are at it and as the COP21 conference in Paris approaches, let’s keep in mind some other numbers. According to NOAA data, the amount of total CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere is approximately three one-hundredths of 1 percent, or .0003 of the total atmosphere. And the man-made contribution to that total amount of CO2 is only .0004 of that number — bear with me; yes, they will be talking about only four one-hundredths of that three one-hundredths of a percent in Paris. Never has so much been spent on so little. And the Democrats are just getting started. What are we willing to sacrifice in terms of economy and the human quality of life to make a tiny fraction of a small number slightly smaller? Given what we know so far, it is fair to ask if it is possible to make an impact, or if it is even measurable.

The numbers associated with the global warming crusade aren’t settled, but the Democrats’ conclusions about global warming are settled. Bottom line: They want to dictate your lifestyle. They don’t really care what the numbers are or what inconvenient truths keep turning up.”