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This is the final part, finally, of my three part rant on gay marriage. I will attempt to make this quick. Check out the links below for a proper historical perspective on the present notion that marriage is a romantically inspired monogamous commitment between one man and one woman.

Historically, marriage has not been a monogamous relationship. For one quick example, bible touters take note, King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Thus, I find it absurd that Mike Huckabee and others always ask after gay marriage — what’s next, polygamy? Well it certainly wouldn’t be unprecedented in the bible!

The real point that I want to make is that throughout the vast majority of history, marriage has been a property relationship where daughters have been used to create alliances between families or protect inheritances through legitimate offspring. Wives and daughters were considered property. In fact, for those of you who may not know, rape was originally considered a property crime that devalued the property of the father or the husband!

And love had nothing to do with it. Polygamy was the norm until recently and is still the norm in some Muslim and African societies. I personally have no objection to multiple party unions as long as they are all responsible adults, whether it be 1 man and 2 or more woman, or 1 woman and 2 or more men, or 2 men and 2 woman, or 3 or more men or woman. Whatever makes you happy and is willingly agreed to by all parties, knock yourselves out. I would certainly recommend that such arrangements have prenuptial agreements setting out the rights and responsibilities of all parties with respect to property and particularly with respect to any offspring that may arise from the arrangement.

I would actually prefer that government get out of the marriage business and let individuals decide for themselves how their relationships should be handled. Government’s only involvement should be to make sure that if you produce children, then you must care and provide for them and that’s irrespective of whether or not you’re married. Something needs to be done to stop the epidemic of hit and run dads which is adversely affecting minority communities in particular.

In closing there is no such thing as historically settled one man one woman romantic marriage. It is a very recent development in this country and is not universal. As for me personally, while I’d support you’re right to polygamy, to quote Mr. T, “I pity the fool” who thinks he can handle more than one woman raised in this country!!

Next up I will probably solve the immigration problem for all of you.




Now a little update on the Clinton email scandal. You will recall that I mentioned that Restricted Data is “born classified.” I put that tidbit in because I had a feeling that some of the stuff Hillary dealt with might also be considered “born classified.” Turns out my hunch was right. As set out in the Reuter’s article cited below, Foreign Government Information is also deemed “born classified.” Apparently Foreign Government Information is any information, written or spoken, provided in confidence to U.S. officials by their foreign counterparts. And there are literally dozens of emails containing this type of information in the limited number of emails released under the Freedom of Information Act. Http://

Hillary clearly knows this as the country’s former top diplomat. If she doesn’t then she’s too damn stupid to be elected dog catcher much less president!



Just a few quick notes today starting with the Liar-In-Chief being at it again. It amazes me constantly that Obama thinks he can just straight up lie and that will magically change the truth. Three days ago he published an op-ed piece in the Dallas News on his legacy Iran “deal”. I found particularly interesting the following paragraph.

“While this deal would set back Iran’s nuclear program for at least 15 years, provide unprecedented access and transparency indefinitely, and permanently prohibit Iran from pursuing a nuclear weapon, military action would buy us a few years at best.”

Seriously, does he expect us to forget that when the deal was first announced both he and Kerry admitted that under the agreement, Iran is free to become a nuclear power in 10 to 15 years — not my definition of permanently prohibited — and as for “unprecedented access and transparency indefinitely”, I don’t understand how anyone can say that considering that under the deal itself, Iran could block inspections for 24 days or more, and now we’ve learned that in a secret side deal with the IAEA Iran actually gets to inspect itself!

I guess maybe you can understand this statement from Obama’s perspective. He has continuously claimed that his is the most transparent and accessible administration in history. Considering the lunacy of that statement, if he truly believes it than maybe he is delusional enough to believe that Iran’s nuclear program will be open and transparent. AMAZING!!


Just a quick note on the goings on in the green energy cabal.  George Soros, the  “progressive” multi-billionaire that has funded many green initiatives and think tanks who have attacked fossil fuels and in particular coal, has now bought a large number of shares in 2 near bankrupt coal companies.  In one case, he bought one million shares in Peabody Energy.  Six years ago, when Obama came into office, Peabody was trading at $90/share.  Thanks to policies advocated by Soros and implemented unilaterally by Obama which sought to destroy the coal industry, it’s now trading at about $1.

This is the ultimate in crony capitalism and a genius move on his part.  If Republicans win the White House and get rid of the EPA overreach on coal, he’ll make a killing.  If Hillary gets elected, you can rest assured that with an appropriate donation to the Clinton slush fund, coal will go from dirty to clean and become the savior of the third world countries struggling to obtain a cheap and reliable source of electricity.  WOW!!

Always keep your eye on the money.  It explains almost all politics.


Yesterday, a friend of mine put a link to my blog on his Facebook page and indicated that it would probably result in antagonistic comments.  Only one has shown up so far and I allowed it to be put up on the site as an example of why I don’t do social media and am not really interested in engaging in any drawn out conversations with anyone on my posts.  I will be moving to different subjects constantly and am not interested in engaging in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

If you enjoy a rant or it makes you think or laugh, that’s great and all I’m attempting to accomplish.  If it bothers you, sorry but my views are my views and if you have a different perspective then start you’re own blog because you aren’t going to use mine for your soapbox.

I’ll take down that comment when I do my next rant which I think will be on the history of marriage.


To start out this rant let me explain more about my background.  In my government career I had a “Q” clearance.  I doubt most people reading this would know what that means.  A “Q” clearance is a Top Secret clearance with the added fact that it allows access to Restricted Data.  For short hand reference, Restricted Data (RD) is information about how to build the bomb and other nuclear weapons information.  In addition, I was cleared for Foreign Intelligence Information (FII).  With respect to RD, it is deemed to be born classified, meaning that even if you determined from publicly available sources how to build a nuclear weapon, the second that you put it on paper or voicemail or email or any other way, it is classified and the property of the federal government even though you may be a private citizen.

For a significant portion of my government career I was the attorney responsible for national security in the agency, meaning I provided legal advice to our security staff on issues pertaining to national security.  Based on that experience and the few instances where I had access to State Department cables — obviously this was a while ago and now secure emails would be the norm I guess — it is impossible that the majority of emails between Hillary and overseas embassies were not classified at least as confidential!!  The fact that she obviously didn’t mark them as such is a dereliction of duty, and if you’re doing a serious investigation you need to look at how emails she sent were treated by the recipients in terms of classification.

I would be surprised if less than 20% of her “official” emails were or should have been classified!  You could ask John Kerry and Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice what percent of their emails to and from American embassies are or were classified.  Check Ambassador Stevens emails to and from Hillary and her minions and see how many were classified at least at his end of the line.

The mere fact that the Secretary of State communicated certain substantive information to an embassy or received such information from an embassy would be enough for it to be classified in many instances.  And Hillary should know this!  After all, aren’t we being told almost constantly that she like the community organizer in chief are the brightest of the brightest.  Isn’t it amazing how these geniuses never seem to know anything until it ends up in the press?

To see all the possible criminal violations Hillary committed with her personal server, read the article by former United States Attorney General Michael Mukasey here:

And we already know she destroyed official records relating to Libya.  Sid Blumenthal turned over to the Benghazi committee 15 pertinent emails that are not in the ones Hillary turned over.  So we know that she destroyed official records that she didn’t want to be seen. Remember that Obama decreed that Blumenthal was not to be involved in State Department business. And since they were under request by and maybe subpoena by the Benghazi Select Committee, this by itself could be deemed obstruction of justice. Consider all the furor that arose when Tom Brady erased his text messages which he could legally do. Now compare that to Team Hillary’s deletion of official government records which she could not legally do.

Another thing that you need to know about receiving and handling classified information is that in addition to the requisite clearance, you also need an official government determination that you have a “need to know” the information at issue. Just because I had a “Q” clearance didn’t mean that I could walk into a DOD or DOE facility and say I’d like to see the latest nuclear weapons designs. I would have probably been arrested if I even tried that. I bring this up because I haven’t seen it discussed anywhere with respect to this issue. When Hillary gave her private attorney the (it now appears there were 3) thumb drives, she was a private citizen just like you and me and COULD NOT make the official determination that he had a need to know the classified information on those drives.

Even if he had the requisite clearance, and I don’t know why he would have since private citizens typically don’t, he didn’t have the requisite need to know. I suspect that he was given a clearance retroactively as part of the State Department cover-up, just like a few days or weeks after it became known that he had the drives, State sent an appropriate safe to his office. They should have confiscated the drives instead!

And while we’re on the subject of thumb drives, does anyone seriously believe that Team Hillary didn’t burn a few copies of the stuff she deemed personal and deleted before scrubbing the server. You know all emails illuminating the pay for play between Secretary Clinton and the Clinton slush fund donors were scrubbed!

To me it’s abundantly clear that Hillary broke the law in several ways. The real question is how likely is it that the Obama DOJ/FBI will actively pursue these issues knowing that they would inevitably lead to criminal charges against Hillary Rodham Clinton and various members of her team.

The one area that she will not have to worry about is one that got considerable attention last week – namely her certification under penalty of perjury that she turned over all government records on her server to State. The court really blew it if it accepts Hillary’s certification. Because, and you can Google it and see it for yourself, Hillary only certified that she “directed” that all the appropriate records be turned over. She didn’t certify that all the requisite records were turned over only that she directed someone else to figure that out and turn them over. If you are one of the minions on Team Hillary involved in this fiasco, watch out for buses, because when the truth comes out, and eventually it will, and the shit hits the fan, you’re going to be thrown under the bus!


The purpose of this rant is to address some of the fallout from the gay marriage decision.

First off, all the proposed religious freedom laws are sadly misplaced and Governor McCrory was right to veto it. If you hold a government job, your religious freedom stops at the office door. Separation of church and state is a bedrock principle on which this nation was founded. You don’t get to decide who to marry or provide other government services to based on your religious beliefs. If you don’t like it, find another job! You don’t get to make the rules.

Lest you forget, the bible condoned slavery. And many Christian churches in the Jim Crow south, preached the inferiority of the black race and that inter-racial marriage was a sin. I want to see an elected politician propose a law that says government officials don’t have to marry or provide other services to blacks or to inter-racial couples. S/he wouldn’t last long and would be the laughing stock of 99% of the country. Gay marriage is no different. Bigotry is bigotry!! And you don’t get to practice bigotry in your government job.

Outside of government, things are a little different. Obviously, Catholic priests can’t be required to marry gay people. I’ve seen articles where people in really liberal/progressive/socialist states are saying that churches should lose their charitable exemption if they refuse to officiate at gay marriages. That’s absurd and unconstitutional bullshit, which gets to the real point of this rant: PEOPLE NEED TO BE GOOD WINNERS AND LOSERS.

Now if you’re engage in commerce, you are not going to be able to refuse to provide services to gay couples any more than you could refuse to provide services to black couples. But here’s where things get a little different in my opinion and being a good winner comes into play. Before the Supreme Court decision, the gay community had no problem calling for a boycott of Chic-Fil-A because the owner came out against gay marriage due to his religious beliefs. And Chic-Fil-A never refused service to gay couples. Now after the decision they want to force businesses to provide services or face fines. They are targeting Christian mom and pop bakeries and florists just to be obnoxious. Quit being sore winners and assholes about it. Seriously, you can’t find a gay florist? Really!! Or a gay baker who could use your support and business? Listen, as I’ve previously indicated, I’m on your side, but be good winners.

If you really want to be an obnoxious winner, then let me see you go to the Muslim florist or baker and demand they serve you. Didn’t think so. Just cherry picking the risk free low fruit, and I’d love to see how the same government organizations would proceed about issuing $135,000 fines against Muslim bakers. Want to bet they wouldn’t.

[And in a related matter, #BlackLivesMatter, why don’t you go take over a Clinton rally. I dare you. Want to bet they won’t even try. Would be really interesting to see whose lives matter to team Hillary security.]

And lastly, if you’re a nice Christian mom and pop bakery and a gay couple comes to you in good faith because they truly believe you’re the best and are paying you a compliment by seeking your services, then be a good loser and provide your baking service. You’re not marrying them. On the other hand, if you are faced with assholes who are just being obnoxious and bullying you, be creative. I’m sure you can figure out a way to blend the word sinner surreptitiously into the decorations on the cake or maybe 666 or bake the cake but accidentally put in salt instead of sugar or only half the sugar as normal. Or figure out some way so that if you eat the cake backwards it would make you think evil thoughts. Oh sorry, my bad.

Next rant will be on the illusion of romantic marriage. Although I feel a brief rant on Hillary’s emails coming on.



This wasn’t a planned rant, but I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I watched yesterday and today while the idiots on CBS continued with this nonsense about Jordan Speith having the right idea about looking at the hole on short putts.  Listen Speith is amazing and if this works for him great.  Just like I said for AA, if it works for you knock yourself out, but for the announcers to make idiotic comparisons and laud it is utter stupidity.

They always say something utterly ridiculous like if you’re shooting a free throw in basketball you look at the rim not the ball.  Guess what mental midget, that’s because you have the freaking ball in your hand.  Ditto for a baseball pitcher looking at his target or a bowler looking at his target or an archer or a shooter.  But a batter doesn’t look at the fence, he looks at what he has to hit because he doesn’t have the ball in his hand.  If he looked at the fence, he’d strike out every time.  An infielder doesn’t look where he plans to throw the ball coming at him or he’ll never catch a ball.  A soccer player doesn’t look at the goal or he’ll whiff almost every kick, and a golfer doesn’t look at the green when he’s hitting a shot or he’ll hit very few good shots.  You look at what you’re trying to hit and in putting that’s the ball!!  As the Man Of Leisure’s (MOL) father once told him, if you want to see a bad shot just look up.

I know they get paid a lot to talk and analyze, but get your head out of your butt and think about the nonsense you’re spewing.  If it really made sense to do what Speith does on short putts, he’d do it on  all putts!!  And on the tee and in the fairway, rough or bunker!!!  So let’s use some common sense in you’re job as announcers and quit being idiots.

There now I feel better.  This having your own blog really is therapeutic!