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Came across an article entitled ” The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time – – Part IV” by Francis Menton.  It chronicles the systematic scientific fraud being carried out by NOAA in changing and then deleting temperature records to support the political climate change agenda.  Of particular interest was the following quote from the NoTricksZone:

NoTricksZone then has the following comment from meteorologist Joe d’Aleo:

“The problem is that the same staff responsible for creating the reports about the climate . . . and running some of the greenhouse models that project the scary scenarios . . .  are also responsible for the databases that validate the forecasts. . . .  There is a lot of control available for modelers to predict a desired result, and data source inconsistencies allow NOAA to be creative – and the result is a hybrid of data and models (with their adjustments like TOA, infilling and homogenization) to show whatever the puppet-masters in government require. It may be that some really believe in their science and work hard to mine the data, achieving a form of bias confirmation. In other cases it is ideologically or politically driven or a matter of job security.”


I had to pass this on because the quoted paragraph is exactly what I said in my first rant.  If its your model, you control the outcome, and the supposed settled scientists are government supported lap dogs completely lacking in independence.


First off, as more disgusting baby part harvesting videos emerge, and I understand even more disgusting videos are in the pipeline, it is time for a rethink on the whole thing.  I am still pro-choice, but only in the first 2 to 3 months.  The problem is that the Supreme Court held in Roe v. Wade that abortion was up to the mother in the first 2 trimesters (6 months).  They subsequently modified that decision in a case involving Planned Parenthood to hold that it was up to the mother until the baby achieved viability — meaning it could live outside the mother.  That is a much more amorphous limit and as medical science learns more and more about fetal development, it appears that viability occurs earlier than previously thought.

However, with the ghouls in the third video picking through the organs in an 11.5 week old fetus, it is time for to have the Supremes revisit the issue.  They ought to revise their previous opinions to hold that the mother only has the unfettered right to abort during the first trimester.  That should make everyone, except the baby harvesters happy.  A woman could still have an abortion, although as I said in my earlier rant they should be few and far between with free birth control available under Obamacare, and abortion should not be a routine  birth control measure.  And everyone else could at least take some solace in the fact that viable or close to viable fetuses will not be killed for their parts.

[ It may not comply with your religious beliefs, but you have no more right to have your religious beliefs made law than Muslims have to impose sharia law on you, or Buddhists, or Hindus or Jews to make their beliefs law.]

Another point worth raising is the false narrative put out by PP and it’s supporter in chief in the White House.  Obama and PP have repeatedly talked about the great job PP does in providing mammograms for women.  As found by the fact checker at the Washington Post and others, PP does NO mammograms and doesn’t even have the equipment to do so.  It’s just more of the deceptive shell game to protect the horrible practices they condone.


Everybody has seen the disgusting Planned Parenthood videos and they ARE disgusting! There is no way to make the casual discussion of harvesting unborn baby organs for cash anything but disgusting. I know that PP claims they aren’t selling organs for profit, but it sure sounds like it and it needs to be investigated.

Now to be upfront about this issue, I have always been and continue to be pro-choice. But I don’t believe that that choice should extend beyond the first 2 to three months. It shouldn’t be used because you don’t like the sex of your baby or any other such nonsense. I understand it if you find out you’re pregnant and it wasn’t planned but it shouldn’t be used normally as a form of birth control. In any event, unplanned and unwanted pregnancies should be few and far between. First of all, thanks to Sandra Fluke and Obamacare birth control is free! So there is really no need for there to be unwanted pregnancies. I can understand some young teenagers fooling around and ending up with a problem, but again unwanted pregnancies should be the rare exception. And the morning after pill is available as I understand it even for young girls without parental consent.

While I was preparing my rants on Vivitrol, I did some research on the cost of birth control which is covered for free versus the cost of Vivitrol. It turns out that the pill costs between $6 and $9/month at Walmart, which raises the question of just what Fluke was so bent out of shape about! It clearly was just a political stunt to reinforce the non-existent war on women. And it turns out that condoms run about $15 for 24. [For most of the guys I know that would be a 2 year to lifetime supply.] By the way, I don’t remember condoms being any cheaper 50 years ago and they weren’t covered by insurance.

Now back to the main issue. What I find most amazing is the media coverage. Mainstream media immediately broke out in a full court press defending without question the indefensible. It appears that they don’t believe life begins until you take the baby home. And in a real perverse twist on reality, the California Attorney General – a big Obama fan – has announced that she is starting an investigation, not on the activities of PP, but seeking to determine if the filmmaker broke any laws in making the films. And in what has to be a real déjà vu moment, the left is blaming the problem on the video. Where have we heard that excuse before?

The bottom line is that Congress should investigate, ban all late term abortions and strip funding from Planned Parenthood and their organ harvesting practices which would make Josef Mengele proud!

Next rant will probably be on the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage.


Yesterday I posted a rant on Microaggression – Macro-Crazy.  Now it has become even more bizarre.  See the following article on Virginia Tech of all places becoming not an educational institution, but an institution dedicated to indoctrination in the progressive/socialist agenda.  Http://

Think about that.  Obviously, universities have always been left leaning since even before I was there 50 years ago, but they did not have the litmus test bullshit that’s going on now.  It’s one thing for California to engage in such nonsense.  It’s a wholly different when a southern technical university goes there.  You need to engage your children in constructive dialogue or we are doomed to the failure of the socialist democracies of the EU.


Alright, let’s talk about Kate Steinle — the young woman who was killed in San Francisco by a 5 or 7 time illegal alien with either 5 or 7 criminal convictions because he went to San Francisco because it is a sanctuary city.  First off I have always loved San Francisco.  I was born there and during my adult life I have spent probably a year or more in the city.  The agency in which I worked had a regional office close to SF.  I spent 1 week to 2 months a year there during  the time I was at the agency.  Most if not all of that time was before it became a sanctuary city.

President Obama has as of yet, the last time I checked, not called her family to express his condolences.  Nor did he send anyone to her funeral.  He had no problem making statements of outrage and sending administration officials to the funerals of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and others, but couldn’t be bothered with this outrage.

I am going to cut to the chase.  There are three reasons that this is the case.  First,  the President, Holder, Hillary, Diane Feinstein, the City of San Francisco and all who have looked  the other way on illegal criminals — and yes I said illegals, undocumented workers is euphemistic bullshit — have blood on their hands and don’t want to acknowledge their part in this murder.  Obama and the rest of the socialists want to see an open border because they believe illegals will vote democrat.

The second reason is that Barry O, the narcissist in chief can’t figure a way to make this about himself, and that is all he cares about on any issue.  See everything he’s ever done.

And the third reason, which is closely related to the second, is that the president can’t say, “If I had a daughter, she would look just like Kate Steinle.”  This is the most racist presidency in the last 50 years, and I will be explaining that in a future rant on Ferguson and the misuse of disparate impact.

It is a national disgrace that the President would lend his office and administration to support criminals but not the death of an innocent white woman who was killed in part by his policies.

The next rant will deal with planned unparenthood.



All of you who have read my Background post are well aware of my disdain for the politically correct/trigger warning/microaggression nonsense.  I had planned on writing a rant on this subject but this morning Heather Mac Donald posted an article in the City Journal –“Microaggression — Macro-Crazy” —  which does an outstanding job of demonstrating the lunacy of this whole nonsense and establishes that without a doubt American university faculties have totally lost it and are disserving the students who come to them for an education not political indoctrination.   Read it here.  Http://






This rant will address the recent Supreme Court decisions on Obamacare and gay marriage.  But first I want to address the response of some folks to these decisions, including Sen. Ted Cruz, who now want Supreme Court Justices subject to elections. That is one of the worst ideas I’ve heard in a long time, and given the incompetence of our present rulers, that’s saying a lot!

The Supreme Court offers the only real stability in our system. They make decisions and you’ll like some and not like others, and when they are dealing with constitutional issues, their decisions are pretty much the final word. On some occasions the court has overturned earlier decisions, but that doesn’t happen very often. That’s good news!! The last thing this country needs is a bunch of elected judges changing your rights and responsibilities under the constitution and laws every 8 years. That would be utter chaos. We might as well be a banana republic under that system.

[If a Supreme Court decision is interpreting a law, like the Obamacare decision, and you don’t like it, there is already a way to effect a change. Elect people to Congress and a new president who will change the law.]

And, as I indicated in a previous rant, elected judges are politicians not judges. The Founding Fathers were right in having federal judges appointed for life and decreeing that their pay shall not be diminished throughout their tenure. That life appointment gives them the freedom and independence to make unpopular decisions without having to consider what special interest group might oppose them in the next election or if an angry congress would reduce their pay. They are free to do the right thing.

This was not done in a vacuum. The Declaration of Independence specifically sets forth one of the grievances against the King as:

“He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.”

Those old farts were pretty insightful. They wanted to protect against just what’s happening now. Issue an unpopular decision and face job loss. Cruz is a very smart man and knows better than to propose what he has suggested. He knows such a thing will never happen, but proposes it anyway, proving he is just another politician who will say anything to get elected. The Supreme Court and all judges need to be above and isolated from mob rule.

Now I’ll address the Obamacare decision allowing subsidies to be paid to people who enroll under federal rather than state exchanges. (The gay marriage decision will be the subject of a separate rant.)

Roberts blew it just like he did with his opinion on the individual mandate.

The kind of linguistic gymnastics he went through to justify his outcome was ridiculous and he knows it which makes his hypocritical dissent in the gay marriage case calling out the majority in that case for doing what he did look even stupider.

Roberts’ decision was straight out of the what the meaning of the word “is” is school of logic. However, Republicans should thank their lucky stars that he did it. Had the court overturned the subsidies, Republicans would have been put in the position of having to save Obamacare or be stuck by the left and the media as the party responsible for costing 6 million people to lose the health insurance. Never mind that the language at issue, as explained by Jonathan Gruber, was specifically and intentionally put in the law which was passed without a single Republican vote.

Given the media bias this is the type of thing that happens all the time and Republicans are all too often willing to step into the trap. As an example, few people know or remember that the whole issue of whether or not Obama was born in the USA and whether or not he is a Muslim was originated by Team Hillary back in 2008, and I suspect it was one of Sid Blumenthal’s dirty tricks given the animosity of Obama toward him. Everybody now thinks it was some conservative plot and some Republicans have taken the bait including the Donald.

Thus thank goodness Roberts blew this decision and the court ruled the way it did on gay marriage because they gave serious Republican contenders a way to stop shooting themselves in the foot on social issues. And if you want a further reason that electing a Republican president will be important in 2016, I have seen a couple of articles indicating the possibility that if Obama gets out the black vote for Hillary and she gets elected, she would put him on the Supreme Court. There is nothing that would be worse for this country than putting the socialist in chief on the court!  Although I suspect Obama would much rather go forth and plunder like Bill & Hill did.

Next rants will be on Planned Parenthood and the on Kate Steinle tragedy before I get to gay marriage.


Came across this on Paul Homewood’s blog.  Scientists have developed a new more accurate model to predict solar activity  —  which by the way is the real determinant for our climate  —  and based on their model they predict that by the 2030’s we will be headed into a mini ice age.  So let’s all head to Paris and give away everything for a non problem.





I lied. I was going to post my next rant on the recent Supreme Court decisions, but yesterday I just got fed up with the pissing contest between Time Warner and Peter Angelos’ Mid Atlantic Sports Network.

For those of you who don’t know, MASN carries the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles games. Due to major league baseball’s exemption from the antitrust laws, Peter Angelos who owns the Orioles demanded and got the local broadcast rights for the Nationals to prevent him from blocking DC from getting the Nationals. This led to the creation of MASN. The Nationals get a share of the revenue generated, and I believe have been in a major dispute with Angelos about not getting their fair share.

At any rate, the Triangle area is in what’s considered the local broadcast area for the Nationals and is in fact the closest team by far. As I understand it, areas outside of the Raleigh broadcast area – like eastern North Carolina get MASN and the Nationals are considered their home team. However in the lucrative Raleigh area, MASN wants its station to be carried like ESPN as part of the basic cable package, and TWC wants to put it in the sports tier package for additional charges.

The dispute first went to arbitration where MASN won and then a couple years later TWC won in court. And that is as I understand it where things stand. TWC doesn’t carry it in this area on any tier. Even if you buy the MLB season package, you won’t get Nationals and Orioles games. You have to switch to satellite tv to get those games.

As any of you who have read my background posting know, I lived in the DC area for almost 30 years. The Orioles were our local baseball team for most of those years until the Nationals came to town shortly before I left. I am a big fan of both teams and my daughter who lives in DC is a diehard Nats fan. I have been trying for years now to get TWC to carry MASN to no avail. At first the problem was that it was still in litigation but as I understand it that’s over. So now I don’t know what the problem is other than stubbornness. And I don’t care whether they carry it as basic cable or on their sports tier, I get both and would even take it if they carried it on its own tier or made it part of the MLB package. Just put it on somewhere please!

The reason last night pissed me off was because last night ESPN carried 3 regional games – Washington at Baltimore; New York at Boston; and St. Louis at Pittsburgh. We got the Boston game. Now I don’t know how familiar you are with US geography, but Boston should not be our regional game. Baltimore is a helluva lot closer!!

I have seen some things online which seem to indicate that TWC doesn’t think there is much demand, and that’s just plain BS. I get 7 – let me repeat that because it bears repeating – 7 Pac-12 sports channels. I’d like to see the demand numbers for those. I get 2 Big Ten channels but only one  SEC channel and there is no ACC channel although the games get covered on the local channels. I get Al Jezeera and about 300 or 400 others that I doubt anybody watches, but I can’t get the games for what’s our local major league team! That’s utterly ridiculous.

Hey Time Warner, how about some customer service!! Get off your ass and offer it in some package!

There now I feel better and I’ll deal with the Supremes next.


Saw an op-ed piece by Ari Fleischer where he went me one better.

In addition to eliminating all deductions, exemptions etc., he would also eliminate payroll taxes since they are really just used as general revenue and not kept in the appropriate trust accounts.  Maybe some people are starting to think seriously about reforming our nightmare tax code.