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I understood that Comey leaking his self-serving memos of his conversations with Trump was a legal problem, but what I didn’t know until today was that they were classified.  I saw that when Congressional members went to see unredacted versions of these memos, they had to go to secure facilities because some were classified at the Secret level.  Comey is a criminal and needs to be prosecuted!


I just saw a black attorney on Tucker Carlson Tonght, hosted by Mark Steyn, say that Eric Holder was a racist who supported police over blacks.  Really!  Eric Holder was the most anti-police Attorney General in memory.  He did everything within his power and much outside his power to attack police departments and promote policies to prevent blacks from being held accountable for their actions, including his policies that resulted in the school shootings in Parkland.  Totally ridiculous.


I’m not going to comment on most of his self aggrandizement.  He’s a disgrace to the FBI.  What I am going to comment on is his supposition that the Russians have Kompromat on Trump.  First, if they do,it’s not apparent from Trump’s actions toward them. More importantly, they definitely have such on Hillary!  I believe that even Comey testified that it was extremely likely that Russia has all of Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails.  I have no doubt that they do.   Who is really compromised?


Listen folks, Tucker just had on a guy who said we should trust that DOJ had serious evidence to get a judge to issue a search warrant authorizing the raid on Trump’s attorney, as have many others.  I would have loved for Tucker to have said that isn’t it also true that a high standard is required to get a FISA warrant to spy on a US citizen and we know they deceived a FISA judge on several occasions to get and extend such a warrant?    Step it up Tucker!


Trump should get Sessions to resign or fire him.  In either case Sessions could then run for his old Senate seat and win!  This would help assure that Republicans keep the Senate.  This is extremely important and also allow Trump to appoint an Attorney General that wouldn’t have to recuse himself from the Russia collusion nonsense.  Any AG that was free to do his job would appoint a second Special Counsel to investigate the FISA abuses and all the Hillary felonies.  She needs to go to jail


It’s time for Trump to fire Sessions and Rosenstein and elevate someone in the Justice Department to acting AG who isn’t a crony of Mueller and Comey.  Then he needs to appoint someone to AG that is there to carry out his agenda and take over the phony Trump/Russia collusion investigation.  The new acting AG needs to reign in Mueller and limit his jurisdiction to Russian collusion and give him two months to wrap it up.  Raiding Trump’s personal attorney ‘s files is beyond the pale and the the US Attorney in New York should be fired.  This is total nonsense and a serious violation of the attorney client privilege!  You can count on the fruit of the poisonous tree will somehow be used by Mueller and his hit squads to try to get Trump.


Okay, for the last time I’m going to comment on the nonsense of Hillary winning the popular vote by 3 million votes.  She won socialist California by 3 million votes.  She lost the rest of the country including New York if it was a straight popular vote contest.  As I have said before, many people in California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Maryland didn’t vote because they knew that their vote didn’t matter.  I know some of them.  If we had a straight up popular vote where every vote counted, Trump would have won easily.  Shut up Hillary and all your water carriers.  Our Electoral College system disenfranchises people in many states thus making their votes irrelevant.  You can’t claim a popular vote victory when that’s not the system we have.