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My apologies to anyone who has missed my rantings, but I’ve been lazy and on vacation and nothing that has happened recently has really necessitated my commentary.  I considered commenting on Puerto Rico, but the decrepit state of that Democratically controlled island was well known prior to the hurricane and was well documented.  Trump’s right.  We can’t be there forever paying for their corrupt government’s failure to provide basic infrastructure.  These folks are American citizens but don’t pay income tax to the US.

I also considered commenting on the California wildfires.  The problem had nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with Obama’s failure to manage federal forests.  Had he put money into clearing out dead underbrush— kindling— instead of giving the chief sponsors of worldwide terrorism unmarked bills in a clandestined fly by drop off, the damage could have been mitigated.

Now the reason for my awakening.  It has come out over the past couple of days that the FBI had an ongoing investigation of the deal that led to Russia gaining control of a substantial potion of US uranium deposits.  An agent who was “gagged” had evidence of bribes, payoffs and other criminal acts that clearly implicated the Clintons while Hillary was Secretary of State.  The information and evidence was intentionally buried by the Obama administration.  Guess who was the director of the FBI when this occurred.  None other than Robert Mueller.  That’s right the supposed straight shooter who is investigating nonexistent collusion between Trump and Russia buried far more serious collusion  between Obama, Holder and the Clintons to give Russia access to our uranium.

Trump should order Sessions to un-gag the FBI agent involved and then when the truth comes out fire Mueller.  You can’t possibly investigate collusion with Russia when you covered up collusion with Russia!



Tucker Carlson just blew the perfect chance to expose the hypocrisy of the left and the ignorance of leftist activist university students.  He had on a student from some university in I think Ohio who had written a piece criticizing Tucker for being a white privileged racist and who was advocating stifling speech from the right as micro aggressions.  It was the perfect place for Tucker to have asked if the young black man knew of the racist history of the Democratic Party, particularly after the young man brought up the KKK.  I would have loved to have watched Tucker ask him about which party supported slavery, Jim Crow, and the Klan.

I am going to stop ranting on this failure by Tucker and others because it’s too easy and a waste of time.  Few on the right have the guts to raise the issue and I don’t want to become a one trick pony.


I am conflicted by the Alabama senatorial primary.  I think Luther Strange would have been part of the swamp.  His appointment was tainted by a governor who wanted him out before he could pursue corruption charges against him.

On the other hand, Ray Moore is a theocrat.  Moore won but he scares me.  I don’t want a government enforcing the bible anymore than I want a government enforcing sharia law.  Moore clearly represents the former, and I don’t believe he will support the Trump agenda. Hopefully I am wrong.


John McCain, Democrat or at best a RINO, once again puts himself in the spotlight for no reason other than he’s a delusional media whore.  He claims he wants regular order.  There hasn’t been regular order in the senate for more than a decade and it’s not likely to occur in the foreseeable future.  He came up with the oxymoronic reason that he doesn’t want to see Obamacare  ‘repealed’ by the same process used to force it’s passage to start with.  REALLY, does that make any sense to anyone with a brain?

To put this in perspective, does anyone really believe that McCain would vote no on a bill to double the Pentagon’s budget because it wasn’t put forward through ‘regular order ‘?  Hell no.  He claims to want to wait for a full CBO score.  Has the CBO been right about anything in your memory?  Obamacare care was never supposed to cost taxpayers anything close to what it has!  And most of their estimates about how many people get covered is really a measure of how many people will get free health care through Medicaid.  Of course it’s not free.  You and I pay for it and I personally believe that it’s unconstitutional.  Now I know that the Supremes will never say so but the Founding Fathers never would have envisioned taking money from one person to give it to another.  That’s not democracy.  The Founding Fathers believed that our money should only be taken to support our defense and foreign relations and basic police powers.  We have unfortunately long passed that test and it’s not to our benefit.


Yes, it’s a cheap play on words with statutes of limitations, but I think it’s appropriate.  I had not really planned on getting involved with the nonsense surrounding erasing our past.  I agree with Charles Barkely that the statues are irrelevant.  I lived in the DC area for almost 30 years and passed by innumerable statues countless times and couldn’t tell you who most of them represent.  I decided to post this rant because it occurred to me that what’s going on is a brilliant gambit by the Dems.

It is important to remember that the pre-civil war South was controlled by the Democratic Party, and they were the party of slavery.  Their decision to succeed was in large part caused by the election of Lincoln, a Republican, and their fear that the addition of future states would result in the abolition of slavery.  Now to be clear from the outset, I believe slavery is unconscionable.  Unfortunately it has pretty much always existed and still exists. It is not unique to African Americans who were sold by other Africans to the slavers.  Also I feel that it is appropriate to note that slavery was much more prevalent in the South because it was much more economically viable in the South.  Large plantations and warmer climate made it much more viable in the South.  And as I have noted many times, the Democratic Party was the party of Jim Crow laws and the KKK.

Now the reason for this rant is that it is brilliant for the Dems to try to erase their own racist past while making it seem like the Republicans were the racists.  Unfortunately, our lousy leftist education system has left students without knowledge of which party was the racist party and in fact I would bet that most teachers are clueless.  It is truly brilliant to try to erase your racist past and blame the opposing party for your sorry history.

I would truly love to see someone — Tucker are you listening — the next time someone on the left makes some stupid argument about destroying a statue of Robert E. Lee say, “you mean the lifelong Democrat Robert E. Lee?”  And then follow up after the predictable stuttering with a question asking if in fact the Democratic Party is trying to erase it’s racist past before most Americans realize the truth.  That would make my day.


I doubt it but I couldn’t help but notice the difference in the coverage between Irma and Maria.  During Irma, Mike Bettis and Jim Cantore and Stephanie Abrams were all braving, in at least one instance stupidly, the elements to bring us coverage of the effects in communities with a lot of rich white people.  Then along comes Maria and they send black meteorologist Paul Goodloe to brown Puerto Rico.  Now before you get all bent out of shape, I think he’s done an excellent job and demonstrated he’s brighter than his white counterparts because he didn’t stupidly stand out in 140 mph winds but covered from inside.  Meanwhile, Stephanie Abrams braved 20 mph winds to bring us coverage of Jose on some Massachusetts beach, and I haven’t seen Bettis or Cantore anywhere.  Maybe they’re camped out somewhere hoping that Maria will hit somewhere on the East Coast


Just in case you are new to this forum, go back to my posts in June 2015 and see what I consider real tax reform.  All the nonsense about what exemptions to keep et cetera is nonsense.  Get rid of all deductions and exemptions and tax all income equally — no differences between categories of income.


Just a quick note.  The MSM and unfortunately even Republican political class narrative that Dreamers were all brought into this country by illegal parents when they were infants is totally bogus.  Anyone who came into this country 16 or under qualify as Dreamers.  This is not the only country they have ever known.  If you have followed this blog, you know I sympathize with people brought here as infants and believe that they should be allowed to stay but not become citizens.  And chain migration needs to stop.  Just because you snuck into this country or your parents snuck you illegally into this country shouldn’t allow your whole extended family to obtain legal status.


I don’t normally watch her show but I am today and she totally blew it.  In a discussion about Trump’s speech today and his statements about Iran, the two individuals commenting, one a Bush speechwriter and the other I think someone from the Reagan or Bush administration, had different takes on Trump’s use of the term radical Islamist terrorism.  The Bush speechwriter said Bush used that term and he knew it because he wrote the speech and the other guy said no he didn’t because he said Islam is a religion of peace.  Martha said they could both be true and then said that of course Islam is a religion of peace.  I’m calling bs.  Islam is anything but a religion of peace!  There is nothing in their ideology that suggests peaceful coexistence with infidels.  And in case you didn’t know, that’s you and me.

Quit sucking up to Islam.  I have no problem with Muslims who embrace our culture and Bill of Rights, however, both our culture and beliefs are not in accord with the basic teachings of Islam.