I don’t know how many of you saw last week where Bob, the big gasbag, Beckel was fired by Fox for making a racist comment.  It couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.  What I found to be most interesting is the reason that Bob got canned.  A black IT worker came into his office to service his computer and Beckel said that he, Beckel, had to leave because the worker was black.  How ironic that the man whose only claim to fame was that he and his father marched in the early civil rights marches in the sixties.  Who would have ever thought he had a problem with black workers.


First, I haven’t been ranting recently because the fake news has been so predictable and insane that it doesn’t deserve response.  Maybe Trump provided some Intel to Russia, but it’s his prerogative to do so, and I don’t recall the outrage when Obama did the same thing last year.  It was the leakers and the media that identified the Israelis as the source.

The obstruction of justice nonsense is equally lame.  Just meaningless drivel being fomented by partisan hacks — most of which have no clue what they are talking about.  Where was this outrage when Obama publicly said Hillary was innocent because she didn’t intend to harm national security and the whole investigation was unnecessary because there was nothing to see.  (Interestingly, a month or so after Obama said she didn’t intend to break the law, Comey parroted Obama.  However, a month after Comey met with Trump, Comey said the investigation was full steam ahead.  So you tell me who obstructed justice.)

On the Russian front, there is still absolutely no evidence of any collusion between team Trump and Russia to rig the election.  Furthermore, Trump is not the subject of a criminal investigation!

The result is that the left is so apoplectic that they can’t make any case for impeachment that they are trying to push the insane idea that Trump should be removed under the 25th Amendment for being insane.  Takes one to know one I guess, but Trump Derangement Syndrome has clearly unhinged everyone on the left along with idiots like McCain.

Now, the reason for this rant.  I believe Trump knew of Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel, and silently approved because he knows there is nothing to be found during the investigation.  He thinks that Mueller is a straight shooter and is counting on him to do a thorough job and wrap it up in a matter of months not years.  This will do away with the daily Russian obsession and allow him to get back to the things he was elected to do.  One of the first things he needs to do is to fire all of the Obama political appointees still residing in political positions.  He also needs a real experienced government expert to get busy finding people for Trump to appoint to fill the thousands of positions at issue.  Kushner, Bannon and Preibus are fine maybe as idea people, but government staffing experts they are not.

This is a problem that always trips up outsiders.  They have no clue on the breadth and depth of the staffing requirements they need to fill, and the longer it takes for them to grasp this and fire folks from the previous administration and replace them with their own people, the longer Obama folks can undermine his agenda.

Now, this morning I saw an article indicating that emails have surfaced between Clinton campaign officials and/or DNC officials and DOJ officials concerning the email investigation.  And this afternoon, I saw Lindsey Graham saying he became aware of the existence of these emails and as head of the Judiciary Committee he intended to investigate the possibility of Clinton and/or the DNC interfering in the investigation.  The beauty of this is that it effectively reopens the Clinton investigation and wouldn’t it be lovely if it provided the basis for DOJ to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the whole Hillary debacle.  How could Dems complain? A Special Counsel investigation into both candidates could hardly be called partisan.  Dems will explode with outrage, but it will be a wasted effort and Hillary might finally end up in jail where I’m sure all the minority inmates will welcome her with open arms because of all she has done for them.  Lest you forget, Hillary is guilty and Trump is innocent.



As you undoubtedly know, I am no fan of Comey.  However, Comey did not say that Huma forwarded hundred of thousands of emails to the Weiner.  He said that she forwarded hundreds AND thousands of emails to the Weiner.  Also, I saw that one of the idiots in the FBI said there were no emails from Huma to Weiner that were “marked” classified.  Where have we heard this BS before?  Yeah from camp Hillary.


Wow!  Comedy’s firing is long overdue.  Trump should have fired him long ago, but given the partisan divide in Congress, it appears that it was necessary to wait until Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein was confirmed and in place so that someone outside of the Trump campaign could evaluate the matter and make a recommendation to remove him.  I have made no secret of my view that Comey usurped the role of the Justice Department when he laid out an ironclad case against Hillary for her email debacle, and then declared that NO prosecutor would take the case.  BULLSHIT!  I guarantee that there are dozens of career prosecutors in DOJ that would have loved to take the open and shut case against Hillary.


Meant to rant about this earlier, but am being lazy these days.  At any rate, Tucker Carlson had as a guest last week a female Muslim physician who was there to defend FGM in response to the arrest of two Michigan doctors accused of mutilating young girls.  First, let me say that the cases arose because as I have said repeatedly and in Michigan there are Muslim stand alone communities who desire Sharia law and not our law.

Second, Tucker needs to grow up.  His childish refusal to say vagina, clitoris, penis and foreskin resulted in a stupid interview that accomplished nothing other than letting the female physician obfuscate the issue.  Tucker, grow up or don’t invite folks to talk about subjects you are too immature to talk about.

Now to get down to specifics,  FGM is generally thought by us non physicians to mean removal of the clitoris.  Because of Tucker’s incompetence, the Muslim doctor equated FGM to circumcision.  Importantly, this woman voluntarily underwent FGM as an adult voluntarily. She indicated that FGM covers a panoply of procedures from sewing the vagina essentially shut to removing the hood on the clit, which would in fact be analogous to male circumcision.  However, we all know that in reality FGM means removal of the clit.

The doctor said it is impossible to remove the clitoris without killing the patient because the clitoris is not just the sensitive little button we all know and love but also a whole bunch of connected nerves et cetera. This is the equivalent of arguing that removal of the head of my dick is okay because it leaves me with the no longer useful shaft.  Really!  Tucker being a pussy never asked her to explain or to say just what procedure was done to her.  If she had her clit, as we understand the term removed, she’s a nutcase.  If she had the hood removed, then good for her.  She wants to enhance her sexual pleasure.  (BTW,from my experience, some women have a very pronounced hood and some have or at least appear to have none.).

People, we all know that FGM involves removal of the clit to prevent Muslim women from enjoying sex in order to make them nothing more than receptacles for male satisfaction.  Tucker, grow a pair or don’t engage in a debate which you’re too much of a pussy to engage in.


Televised Congressional hearings are a total waste of time.  Was watching the nonsense today that is the Senate hearing on Russian interference in the presidential election.  Like all Congressional hearings all that one learns is that Democratic talking points are different than Republican talking points.  Nothing is revealed.  They just talk across each other, and nothing is learned.

However, the one thing learned today is that for all their pontificating they, including Sally Yates, know nothing about attorney ethics.  It’s true that as a prosecutor in DOJ it is the responsibility of a prosecutor to do justice.  However, when an attorney in DOJ is defending the President, their ethical responsibility is to represent their client zealously.  They don’t get to second guess their client.  I occupied both positions at various times in my federal legal career, and I can assure you that Yates behaved unethically in refusing to represent Trump’s Executive Order.  She put her political philosophy ahead of that of her client.


There are several things I want to comment on in this current debate on Ryancare or Trumpcare or whatever.  First, the left, including the female idiot on whatever Eric Bolling’s show is called, and Bernie and Fauxcohontas and Hillary and Barry, I know I proposed to you several times but I can’t marry you because you’re white and that would hurt my political aspirations even before I go to law school so I have to wait for an American hating black woman, continue to champion the nonsense of single payer.  One last time, we already know how single payer works in this country.  People, the VA is single payer run by our incompetent government.  Does anyone seriously want all of us to be forced to suffer like our veterans are forced to?

Next, the nonsense of the filibuster in the Senate needs to be eliminated and term limits need to be imposed.  I have ranted about both these subjects before.  Trump recently said the Senate rules need to be changed and swamp people on both sides feigned outrage.  Republicans need to person up and eliminate the artificial filibuster.  The supposed reason for this nonsense is that it forces bi-partisan compromise.  No it doesn’t!  Dems lock arms and march goose step against anything, secure in the knowledge that the MSM will blame the Republicans for failing to pass legislation or shutting down the government.  And idiots like Cruz and McConnell pretend that we must continue this nonsense because at some point in the future Dems might have the majority.  If they do, Republicans are too fractured to use this power effectively or at all.

I saw a ridiculous article yesterday claiming Trump’s desire to do away with the automatic filibuster was unconstitutional because it violated the separation of powers.  No it’s not!  There is nothing in the Constitution about filibusters.  The Senate and the House make their own rules!  There’s no Constitutional requirement at issue.

If we had term limits, then elected officials would be concerned about doing what’s necessary and right and accomplishing what they could rather than worrying about what power they may have 20 or 30 years down the road.

Lastly, I’m sick and tired of the nonsense about 24 million people losing coverage under Ryancare.  What the CBO actually said was that 14 million people who were forced to buy Obamacare would freely exercise their right not to buy instance, and the other 10 million are people who were projected to get free healthcare in the future by additional Medicaid expansion.  Remember, almost all of the supposed additional people covered by Obamacare were people who got free coverage from Medicaid expansion.

I am not saying that whatever is in Ryancare is good.  It’s not, but elimination of the reconciliation nonsense would make it possible for Republicans to pass real reform while they still have both the presidency and the Congress.  When we put you in charge to accomplish change, do it even if it means blowing up outdated rules.  That’s how you confirmed Gorsuch and that’s how you can represent the people who put your sorry asses in office!


I have previously stated that I think Trump should give Hillary and Huma and Weiner and Obama a pass for the good of the country.  However, now that the pantsuited, prevaricator continues with her nonsense and Comey continues living in his alternative universe, I believe it is time for Trump/Sessions to appoint a Special Prosecutor and indict Hillary et al for intentionally compromising highly classified information.  Comey should be forced to resign and the investigation should also cover the crooked Clinton Foundation.  Put the whole family in jail along with Obama who also communicated classified info over a non secure  network to and from Hillary using a fake name on a non governmental email account.